007: Casino Royale

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TY :-) Edit: So this is just a remake of the David Niven James Bond movie with the same name?.. Kind of a sad state of affairs when even James Bond is reduced to retexturing older versions of the same movie.

Considering how popular Texas Hold’em is becoming in the US, is this really a surprise? Also, if the card scene is going to be quite lengthy, wouldn’t you want your audience to have a chance at understanding the underlying game?

The old movie was a Bond parody, very loosely based on the first Bond novel, Casino Royale.

The new Casino Royale is a serious approach to the same novel.

Yeah the old Casino Royale is a spoof. The secondary characters are mainly the same, however (Vesper, Le Chiffre, etc.)

— Alan

It was directed by Woody Allen, wasn’t it?

Well, it has Woody Allen in it, but amazingly enough he’s not one of the five credited directors (I think John Huston was the first).

— Alan

There’s a major difference in the underlying drama for the scene when James Bond is dropping huge amounts of cash on a game where the outcome is determined entirely by chance (as in baccarat) as opposed to a game like Texas Hold 'em, where the player’s skill plays a role in the result.

I believe he ended up losing a lot of money in the book, but I’m not sure. If they stay true to the book, I’d rather he lose a huge stake because the game’s mechanics dictate that chance determines the result, not player skill.

With baccarat, it shows he has balls by letting “fate” decide what happens, win or lose. If they use Texas Hold 'em and he loses, well, James Bond sucks at cards. Of course, I suspect they will Hollywoodize the scene and he’ll win.

It’s not something which will keep me from watching the movie, but it sort of goes against the Bond archetype. He drinks martinis (shaken not stirred). He drives Aston Martins. He uses a Walther PPK. And he plays baccarat.

Only Chinese people play Baccarat anymore.

Well except that I believe he actually had to learn to play Baccarat in the first part of the book.

How does one learn how to play baccarat? Not that I’m disputing your claim he had to learn it in the book.

It’s simple. You place your bet for the player to win, the banker to win, or for there to be a tie. That’s it. That’s the only decision a player can make in baccarat. The end result is not unlike flipping a coin, except sometimes the coin can land on it’s edge (when there’s a tie). It’s a game of pure chance.

Sure, one would have to learn the rules for when cards are drawn and what constitutes a win, but as far as learning how to play (the ability to formulate a logical strategy)? Unpossible!

In the movies where James Bond plays baccarat, the people watching gasp as a card is drawn, not because of any supposed skill (normally assumed by those in the audience who are not aware of the rules of baccarat), but because Mr. Bond just bet 100k on something he only has about a 48-49% chance of winning.

As Phil Hellmuth says, “If luck weren’t involved I guess I’d win every one.”

I’m down for this. It looks different enough from previous Bonds that it just might work. And if it’s darker, well, even better.

Changing from a game of luck to a game of skill does make Bond look a bit silly. Gambling huge amounts on table games shows a massive lack of risk adversity. You know it’s a losing play, but you don’t care because you like the action.

To put it a better way, people who lose a lot of money at baccarat have a psychological problem. People who lose a lot of money at hold 'em just misevaluated their skill level relative to the other players. Whether they’d prefer Bond to play as a doofus instead of a degenerate is obviously a matter of creative discretion, but if they are going for the “old/new darker Bond” I’d prefer baccarat.

Oh, yeah, and people complaining about Craig are crazy. He was fantastic in Layer Cake and Munich.

“Any thug can kill, I want you to take your ego out of the equation.”
“So you want me to be half-monk half hitler?”

I’m sold.

My first two times through the teaser, I could’ve sworn he said “half-Hitler” too, but upon a third and fourth* viewing, with the volume turned up, I was able to make it out as “half-hitman”. Sorry to ruin your fun. ;D

*Yes, I’m that desperate for a new Bond movie. And I think Craig looks great as the new Bond.

Oh well, I was finding it hard to believe they’d let Bond compare himself to Hitler, I’m still excited for it.

Is the new Bond the same guy who played the out of control son of Paul Newman in Road to Perdition?

If so, then I’m definitely seeing this.


Oh, is that who he is? Groovy.