0g Trans Fat (per serving)

… is what it says on this big bag of Mission Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips.

The “per serving” part seems really suspicious, since if there were actually no trans fat in the chips, couldn’t they just say “no trans fat”?

So I have to suspect that there really is trans fat and it’s hidden in the margins. One serving is 28 grams, and in the Nutrition Facts it says Trans Fat 0g, but all the measured-in-grams quantities are rounded to the nearest integer… which means there could be .4999 grams per serving for all I know?

Which means the chips could be up to 1.8% trans fat by weight. Which seems like a lot for a product that claims otherwise.

Now, cholesterol and sodium are reported in milligrams, but I guess I have to assume that there’s legislation forcing them to be reported that way, whereas there isn’t for trans fat. So if there are 400mg, then it just slips in under the radar. In fact the FDA’s explanation of the rules verifies this explicitly:


So basically, if you have some trans fat in your food product, you just have to choose a serving size small enough that it goes away.


Yeah, that’s unfortunately correct. It really should be changed.

There are some restrictions on how small your serving sizes can be, but yes, this is pretty terrible, given that you aren’t supposed to eat any ever. I think there was another thread here where somebody was complaining about this.

I bought some Dole juice the other day that says in big type “100% pure juice” and then in smaller type “from concentrate plus natural flavouring and color”. Fortunately I don’t really care, but it’s pretty smarmy.

That would be where we were talking about how the Girl Scouts are poisoning us all.

Corn has juice.