1 in 4 Thieves Prefer NDS!

Someone broke into our house while we were sleeping last night and, among other things, stole our brand new Nintendo DS, plus the two carts that were in it :(

I’m not sure why I’m posting this here, I’m still a bit shell-shocked and figured there’d be folks here who would commiserate about the loss of my new toy >.<

Everyone in the house is safe, it’s just left us feeling creeped out that someone was in here.

Yeah, that’s really creepy, and really brazen. Sorry for you.

A.) How’d they break in and
B.) You’re in Canada [insert witty line]

That really sucks. Did you report it to the police?

Yeah, an officer showed up about 90 minuites after we reported it. We’re still waiting on the fingerprint crew.

I think we left the patio door open, which is actually sort of comforting, because it means they can’t just get in whenever they like. They got in because of our inherent gooberness >.<

I hate to mention it, but statistics show that a place that has been burglarised once is a lot more likely to be so again, than a place that has never been.

Well, folks that have been robbed a second time are twice as likely to report it.

But michael moore said everybody in canada leaves their doors unlocked. Could michael moore have been lying? Say it ain’t so!

Our door was unlocked :p

It works against intruders armed with a camera crew.

Aww man, I feel for you. Went to a baseball game a few weeks back, and the car got broken into. My DS was stolen (among other things) which had meteos and FF in it. I was really far in both too :P. Hope you’re able to get your stuff replaced.

Ours had Nintendogs and FFTA in it :(

I was really loving FFTA, this is my first non-PC system in 20 years, and I was completely charmed and absorbed by it.

Oh well.

Just popped in to say, sorry to hear about that, and that your thread title, in my experience, is quite correct though I’ve never had a DS stolen before (or anything else for that matter) nor have stolen one.

I think you should try again, maybe with a used unit to save money? You could probably check around for a real cheap deal to get FFTA.

I’m surprised your Nintendog didn’t try to frighten away the criminal. Obviously, you were too lax in training it. ;)

Were the thieves the dirty kind who break things in your house?


Sorry to hear that, but… they broke into your house and only stole a DS with Nintendogs?

Did you enable that function that broadcasts to all nearby DS in case it finds another Nintendogs owner? Maybe someone wanted a new pet…

They took about $2000 worth of stuff - a camera, an MP3 player, a discman (sic), some loose cash - things like that. They half-unhooked our DVD player and, i guess, decided it was too much hassle (or our kitty spooked them). It looked like kids to me; the DVD player is a new one and the old one was sitting six feet away in a box, but they didn’t notice it. They grabbed my grandfathers pocket watch (broken, but packed with sentimental value) and my wife’s passport (which happened to still be out after a trip this week). But then they left both those items out front on the porch; almost as if they’d seen in movies that these things have value - a passport! - but then realised ‘what the hell am I gonna do with this?’

Anyway, our Nintendog was currently battling a bout of fleas, which should have been enough to deter them, but wasn’t. And the MP3 player was my wife’s and packed with Gordon Lightfoot… I expect them to return that in disgust >.<

Right, you said among other things in your first post. That really sucks. I hope those kids are as stupid when running and hiding as they were when stealing, so that maybe you’ll get your stuff back yet. :(

I reccommend replacing your virtual dog with a real one! It doesn’t have to be a Rottweiler named Growl McRipper. It just has to be territorial and noisy when it sees people it doesn’t know.

Not a Husky. Huskies will just watch the looting like a news crew and go back to sleep.

Hey, don’t be dissing the Lightfoot.

Uh, mine wouldn’t. Some Huskies are very, very territorial and protective. Anyone gets close to my wife that he doesn’t know, the deep “fuck off and back off” growling starts. Same with people around the house. First comes the alert yowl, then the slightly upset growl. He’s generally crazy friendly, but he would goon anyone who tried to climb in here through a window. He knows the difference between strangers and friends and can sense intent really well.

And for the record, too, Huskies are incredibly tenacious. You’d have to really hurt or kill one that was seriously pissed to get it off you.

Keep us updated. I sure hope they get caught.

So did they leave your grandfather’s pocketwatch? That’s probably your most valuable item they hit.

What I’m hoping to hear is that there was a PSP right next to your DS, and the theives just didn’t bother with it.

Just kidding. Hope it works out ok :/.