1. You Lock The Target

Awesome macro.

I love that song. For industrial-pop music (a pretty desultory genre) Front 242 were brilliant.


I could watch those cats all day. Of course, now I’m feeling very tense…

Electronic body music. They invented that term for their music to not be lumped
in with Ministry and such noisy bands :)

I like “Agitpop”


I just bought (yet another pressing of) Front by Front the other day.

Where’d my cat go? Does picasa not like outside linking?

He was never there for me.

Out of curiosity, where do people find these?


Still a no go.

Fuck Picasa.

Where’d that Surprise Buttsex phrase come from originally, anyway? Jerkcity?


Fuck’s sake start the do-do-dee-doodle-do.do-do whatever stuff. fuck teh cats the dark side is something or other.

You’re not making any sense, man!

Boy, animals strike curious poses.