10 Million PSN Accounts May Be At Risk With Latest Anonymous Hack

Wow. Anonymous really hates Sony.


With a good reason.

Now, didn’t Sony just suffered similar compromise very recently?

They got epic hacked last year. It was a nightmare. Largest hack in history, or so they say. Lots of egg-on-face and eating-humble-pie by Sony after that one.

Thanks for the heads up. I checked the list and my email is not on it, but even if it was, it’d be no big deal. After the last Sony kerfuffle, I got my password situation in order. No more shared passwords across multiple sites. It was definitely worth the effort and I’m sort of glad, in retrospect, that the previous Sony hack prompted me to do that.

haha - I learned my lesson! Sony does not have…wait

DAMN IT -VAnguarD!

That pastebin contains a lot of *.se domains. Is that… Sweden?, I suppose is just some random part of the file.

Not this shit again

For cripes sake, I thought Sony had built a bullet-proof system after the last time. This is just stupid annoying.

Until we hear from Sony, who knows where these came from. The act itself is trolling, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some misdirection involved as well.

Hold yer horses news is now being reported as fake.