10 reasons Mage Knight is the worst boardgame of all time


“Is it the fourth day or the sixth day? Who knows?”

Um, anyone who understands the game?

And while I agree that the miniature cities are plain dumb, and that the reason they’re in the game is even dumber (remember, this game was originally trying to piggyback off of WizKids’s Mage Knight brand), saying that the reason the game’s expensive is the eight little pieces of molded plastic that come in the box is pretty dumb too.

Mage Knight’s a pretty terrible game. It’s almost as terrible as Titan, Civilization, 1829, Merchant of Venus, High Frontier, Glory to Rome, and Magic Realm. There are very few games available that are as terrible as games like these.


Sniff. You kids.

/goes back to reading the CRT on Panzer Leader



-Britannia board game


I was playing Mage Knight back when it was called Dark Tower!


Speaking of “worst boardgame of all time” Parker Brothers is removing the thimble from Monopoly and replacing it with some other token. The items in gold are the tokens in the running to take the thimble’s place:

The cat was added in 2013. It replaced the iron.


I’d say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but this is Monopoly we are talking about here.

Let’s go with the tear emoticon so we can all enjoy the show when Sony sues Parker Bros after they release that godawful Emoji movie in a few months…


Awww, I always played as the thimble.

But seriously, the wheelbarrow and shoe stay but the thimble is out?


My guess is that they’re all going to be replaced in time.


I had to go look up Magic Realm as I never heard of it before. Turns out I knew it by another name.


I have, but it’s been a while, and it was only two player. Back in '80 or '81. Most of the MR I have played has been solitaire. (and even solitaire, it destroys Mage Knight)


Yep, pretty much.


I’m not familiar with the show but I’ve seen that before and can’t recall what it is. Do tell so I can rewatch it!


That, good sir, is Cones of Dunshire,of Parks and Recreation infamy.

And yes, it does have BGG page


Ah, that rings a bell! Cheers @sharaleo.


If I recall correctly, there was a Kickstarter for a real version of it a while back, which is probably more responsible for the BGG page than the show was.


Yeah, you are of course tight, but I am almost certain there was a BGG page before the KS got up, even if it was slightly on the tongue in cheek side.


I think there was as well, or at least it looks like it.


The people on this forum are so cool. Look what @Marlowespade sent me in the mail after seeing the discussion in this thread:

I’m weirdly giddy about it.



That’s from the hyperventilation at seeing a 284 page manual. But don’t worry, BGG simplifies it with a 273 page tutorial.


I should be so lucky. :( Sadly, it’s only 35 pages. A dense 35 pages, but still only 35 pages.

And I already hate how it’s divided into escalating learning games. Look, I’m a big boy, just give me the full rules!