10 reasons why I hate Skyrim

  1. Fucking dragons, it’s the cliff racer complex of problems all over again
  2. Blerg, those textures are awful, look at those Warband screens somebody provided
  3. Magic is broken on many levels, like ‘will my spell work against this monster of unknown levelage?’ or ‘damn, I’m not able to deal 5,000 hit points worth of single hit damage to triple kill that single foe ahead’
  4. Maxing out all skill trees is NOT, I repeat, IS NOT possible, start playing the game at your own risk accordingly
  5. This is not an open world game, I travelled to the very Southern part and was blocked by INVISIBLE WALLS!!!
  6. Carrying capacity is broken and the dungeons are too full of stuff (you can’t bring everything to tradespeople, why even bother including this stuff in the first place BETHESDA???)
  7. Tradespeople don’t have infinite cash for my convenience - UNREALISTIC!!!
  8. Skyrim is too dark during the day and too bright in dungeons and at nighttimes
  9. The entire world is uninspired (quests, story, architecture etc, etc, pp)

Someone mod those issues out ASAP, I’ll not play until these are solved.

/\ Not sure if serious…but

  1. Storage things are stupid. All storage things (or at least chests) should do the instant category thing like your inventory if you add something not there.

  2. I don’t know HOW MANY TIMES I’ve been burnt by the “TAKE ALL” button. Open chest, goto inv, store store store store…open next chest…so used to hitting store button, hit same button, take all, weight 6712/300, you are to encumbered to move fast!..AT LEAST A WARNING/CONFIRM WOULD BE NICE.

I never use take all. Too much junk in the game.

You forgot to add about how it causes people to flood the forum with useless Skyrim threads.

#13 Because you people keep making threads about it and I have to resist the urge too play it.

This is all sarcasm right?

Two of those complaints are legit and very irritating. Illusion is basically a crapshoot as to whether or not it will do anything. And dragons are little better than cliff racers by the end game.

I know definitely but then some of it is obviously taking the piss, so I had to ask.

So why are you playing a game you don’t like?

Random dragons are super annoying, yeah…

If I can think of 10 reasons to hate (a very strong emotion) a game, I stop playing it. I wouldn’t even waste time on typing up a list, instead I’d go and play something I do like. But I’m boring like that.

Exactly. Mobs scale with my level but how should I know which level they currently possess exactly? It’s not that the spells and scrolls tell me.

Just like all the other foes.

Oh and speaking of scaling, this game seriously needs work on the balancing side of things (e. g. alchemy, enchanting). Reminds me of people putting ‘things’ on their keyboard overnight in previous Elder Scrolls titles to gain skill progress.

This thread reminds me why I have Lynch on ignore.


Epic ignore fail right there, Mr. Charles.

#14 Skyrim advocates never take anything seriously.

I haven’t tried it yet, but you might find this useful for #1. The rest can be fixed if you’re willing to read through the mods and tweaks thread. In fact, if you had posted this list there you might have found several people willing to help you out.

Every once in a while I try giving people another chance. I have yet to reconsider any ignores though.

Yeah, you came in here hoping for having your views on the game confirmed by another source.

Additional minor nitpicks:

  • bad hair, bad skin, no mirrors, no mirroring in the waters, no mannequin, animations look like the ones in Morrowind, people don’t breath, no bouncing hairs, NPCs/ mobs aren’t able to jump, no spears, still no crossbows, those creepy kids, I guess I could keep on filling this list forever.

The boobs don’t bounce either.

Yeah, they had bouncing bustage back in Neverwinter1 man, WTF?