10 reasons why I hate Skyrim

This is the weirdest list ever. Half seem like legitimate gripes and the other half are so stupid to be an obvious attempt at a satirical attempt at humor.

I’m seriously confused if this is serious or a joke post.

That was exactly my take on it a few posts back aswell :/

Lynch is a fuckwit. Has been for a long time. This is likely serious.

Not a single complaint on that list that he didn’t read from someone else, either.

It’s a troll, people.

Maxing out all skill trees is not possible?..That’s a positive! Otherwise all character classes merge.

This is an excellent thread for finding Qt3 readers with broken sarcasm detectors. Well-played, Lynch.

Really? It’s gotta be broken? Lynch playing off his dipshit posting history to create doubt is suddenly a stroke of genius?

There are mannequins in certain houses only.

Too many quests. Seriously. I’m in some town on a quest, and in a bar some dude challenges me to a drinking game. Before you know it, I’m in a strange town, knee-deep in half-a-dozen new quests, the twenty or more quests I’ve yet to conclude, long forgotten, and now I’ve been tossed in jail (hey! new quest time!), inventory gone, and I’ve got to escape.

Yeah, escape from this fucking time-sink, I think.

Hey, dipshit, you not being able to press TAB to say “fuck off” to someone the moment the conversation starts turning into you running into a dungeon to get them their shit is not a game problem, it’s a you problem.

No, but I can put you on ignore, Pogo. Jeez, such anger vented my way is pretty uncool.

On a game forum.

On a Sunday.

Merry Xmas, to you too.

“I keep picking up all these useless items that are worth 100 gold but weight 30 lb, I don’t have enough inventory for all this crap, this game sucks.”

I hate that Store and Take All are the same fricken button. So if you’re storing some things its extremely easy to hit Take All and get an inventory full of the stuff you were trying to store.

Great thread, A+, would read again.

Yeah someone else brought this up with me in another thread.

Trying to store alchemy ingredients, the fastest way is to just keep hitting R, until you get to a stack that requires a confirmation, which you hit E to confirm… but E is also “eat ingredient,” so frantically tapping R and E trying to store shit and at some point you will eat the next several ingredients instead of storing them.

Not understanding “3.” at all. Is he disappointed that magic doesn’t always instant kill? or that it does? or that he is constantly unsure how magic will affect mobs of unknown level? What is the implication here?

It’s a joke, or at least an attempt at one. The list in the OP is a fairly clumsy rehash of the most prominent complaints made about the game in various internet locations.

By way of explanation, perhaps.

Follow that drinking game quest line through to the end.

I’ve never understood this trolling thing. People post things…that they don’t actually mean? Why would you do something like that? I’m not sure I believe it really happens.

In his defence you were being a fucking idiot.

I mean really “How dare this game give me stuff to do. WTF is this, I’m supposed to spend time playing a video game?”. What kind of response were you really expecting?