10 reasons why I hate Skyrim

Its Pogo, rage, anger and tears is all it has.

Too many quests is a stupid complaint. Stop picking them up, do them one at a time, or go play minesweeper instead, because RPGs are obviously too difficult for you.

And a sad existence as the resident laughing stock of conservative idiocy on the only forum that won’t ban you is all you have, my fat neckbearded friend.

Pogo posts feel like mad-libs where “dipshit” and “fuck you” are chosen for every blank.

Rage on Rago, rage on. Its all you have left in your pathetic existance it seems.


Well its nice to see Rago didn’t deny anything that was said.

#15orwhatever, the ‘are you sure’ dialogue when leaving alchemy and enchanting.

Thanks game, so you’ll let me sell my 1000000 gold lovingly enchanted Exquisite Halberd of Firefrost with a key press (and charge me 9000000 to get it back) but you’re all fucking anxious I might stand up from a table by accident?

But I’m back on a high with my 2H Nord pummeler (who I’m planning to finish the game with). Charging in and seeing that slo-mo cutscene of him just slamming some poor fool’s head into his boots never gets old

You never seem to deny this either. Probably because you think you’re actually relevant to anyone.

That thread is priceless just because it could’ve been made on this forum yesterday and you wouldn’t have to change a word, just some links.

The fact that you have that bookmarked or saved somewhere and post it over and over to a completely different forum doesnt say much that is good about you Rago. You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with me for some reason.


Ahh yes, I have the “unhealthy” obsession with you, which is why you are the first to respond to me in this thread. Man, you are so perceptive. You are reinnoventing trolling tactics from 5 years ago every day.

Just returning the favor of how you do the same thing over and over in P&R Rago.

Yes, because if someone here is going to be accused of doing the same thing over and over in P&R, I’m sure it will be me.

Truly this must be the angriest place on earth. I blame it on Dark Souls.

Nah, it just follows Brett around. On every forum. Everyone is part of the hivemind and out to get him. For the last 6 years. No matter where he goes. But its not him. Its everyone else.

Heh for someone who went on a tear filled rant of how you were ignoring me and wanted me to die you sure are commenting a lot about me.

Brett “it’s not me it’s you” McD

I’m playing Morrowind, about 25 hours in and I’m starting to feel the wrath of the cliff racers. I’d heard about it before but didn’t get it but it’s getting bad.

btw, if I just got to that Ursheninklale camp in the main quest, how far in am I? I get the feeling I’m just starting out.

Yes Rago, it is most definately you.