10-year sentence for teen sex overturned


A Georgia judge ordered the release Monday of a man sentenced to 10 years in prison for having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. The judge threw out Genarlow Wilson’s previous sentence and amended it to misdemeanor aggravated child molestation with a 12-month sentence, plus credit for time served. Under the new ruling, he will not be required to register as a sex offender.
Wilson, now 21, has been behind bars for more than two years.
I’ve read about this story a few times before and blew my mind. How unusual is 17->15 teen sex?

I’m sure it happens all the time. The age of consent in some places is 16. While I’m sure lots of folks will disagree with me, being a year apart on other side of that magical number doesn’t seem to be an indicator of a social ill that requires incarceration as a punitive measure.

Thank goodness.

Like the substitute teacher child-endangerment conviction that was overturned, there seems to be a great disconnect between the letter and the intent of the laws being enforced. And although it seems justice eventually creaked it’s way in, he was incarcerated unjustly for 2 years pending appeal. Not a very endearing reflection upon the ease of punishment vs. the difficulty of redress.

So, wait. If his sentence was adjusted to 12 months, plus credit for time served, then he’s already served an additional 12 months beyond his (new) sentence. Does he get any sort of restitution for that?

I’m in total agreement that the original ruling was incredibly stupid. That’s clearly a case where both the judge and the prosecutor should have excercised (a whole lot) more discretion.

Incarcerated for “aggravated child molestation” even. All of you comedians - this is why prison rape isn’t funny. A 19 year old honor student unjustly jailed as a rapist is a walking target, and you fuckers laugh about it.

What’s really fucked up: The attorney general immediately files an appeal to make sure this hardened criminal doesn’t get out early to molest yer daughter!

I don’t believe so, I’m pretty sure the laws absolve the state for this sort of thing, though I’m sure he’s free to sue.

Wait, what?

He’s already served double the length of the sentence, and the AG is trying to keep him from getting out… early?

dude wtf

I swear some of the AG’s out there are like crazed Legal Robots; everyone is guilty as charged, always! There is never a grey area, only a world of black and white. (In more ways than one.) There are no idiotic laws on the books… etc…

An AG’s job isn’t to figure out who’s guilty and who’s not – that’s what the law is for. The AG’s job is 1) to get (re)elected and 2) to prosecute people. Since letting a convicted child molester out doesn’t help with #1, it’s time to chase down #2.

And, yes, I know he shouldn’t have been a convicted child molester, but that’s what the headline will read.

I hope that there is some sort of backlash over this an that it hurt the AG’s reelection chances.

I think that’s asking a bit much, Johan. He was just doing his job. I personally just hope that he gets raped up the ass with a shard of that boy’s broken dreams. Or if there’s no such thing as hardened physical manifestations of human will, then a handful of soup spoons wrapped in barbed wire will do just fine.

Stop beating around the bush, Flowers; tell us how you really feel.

I feel like maybe I should have written “jagged shard,” instead of just “shard.” But then, it seems a little indulgent that way. I am torn.

iirc the really weird thing about this case is that had they actually had intercourse, it would have been a misdemeanor, but oral sex involving participants of these ages is a felony. Or something, I haven’t checked, and may be confusing this with some other wtf case.

I’m pretty sure the AG would be saying that too…

I agree. This is why I tend to react whenever somebody - usually the second poster - gleefully suggest that such and such deserves a lifetime of prisonrape. Prisons are to full of wrongfully convicted, which is bad enough, heaping the abuse that happens in some US prisons on top of that is just really nasty.
And of course nobody wishes for an innocent to be anally raped, but finding out who is innocent usually takes more than just reading some newspaper headline about a crime.

Just because someone is gleeful at the thought of certain persons being prison-raped doesn’t mean that someone won’t fight to eliminate the phenomenon.

Well aren’t you just a bundle of contradictions!

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this waterslide!