1001 horsepower, $1.24m

The new Bugatti Veyron:


I’ll take ten!

That is a hideous looking beast.

Man, I hadn’t been aware that Volkswagen had bought Bugatti. All the noble brands of yore belong to some mass market outfit these days. :cry:

Its been a bit of a disaster right from the start. Ffirst they announced the specs, then when they went to build it they realised they couldnt. Once they reached 1001 bhp, by bolting on 4 turbos, it was too powerful for the rest of the car which had to be re-designed. Once it was almost there they realised at the high speed promised it was uncontrollable, so they re-designed yet again, so now it reconfigures itself when you reach the high speeds.

Some good stuff here

You could totally get chicks with that car. Well, as long as they didn’t realize that it’s a VW anyway.

If it changed into a flying dude carrying a laser cannon, I would totally buy one.

VW owns a lot of brands, doesn’t mean much… this particular Bugatti has been in production for awhile, I remember seeing models quite a few years back.

VW owns:

Volkswagen (duh)

But yeah the Veryon has had some major issues.

— Alan