10th Anniversary - suggestions?

So my 10th anniversary is this Friday. Normal anniversaries for us aren’t that big a deal - a card, maybe some flowers, and I take my wife out to dinner. I have a feeling that won’t cut it for this one. Things are complicated by the fact that we have 3 young kids, including a 4-month old, so it’s a bit tricky to be free of the kids.

She doesn’t really go for jewelry much. I’m thinking maybe a trip? I don’t know - anybody got any clever suggestions?

Will the top suggestions be placed into a poll?

Have an affair.

Oh, wait, you mean for HER?


Okay, serious response:

It depends on if you can find someone to take care of the kids. If you can get someone (family, etc.) to take care of them over night, a really nice treat would be to just to get a nice hotel room or suite downtown and spend the time together. Add in other things according to your budget, such as wine, flowers, a nice dinner, tickets to a show (NOT a movie), touring museums, etc. Make a big deal out of it by dressing up and maybe pretending to pick her up for the date.

If you have to take the kids along, that’s a lot harder. It’s hard to come up with kid-friendly activities that don’t turn out to be for them as opposed to for your wife. If you can spend the money, a trip might be good. Cruises are fun and they usually have activities where you can drop the kids off (though probably not a 4-month old).

Jewelry. It’s the 10th anniversary. Trust me. Jewelry.

Write down ten reasons why you love her.

Write down ten reasons why you’re glad you married her.

Write down ten things that remind you of her.

Write down ten reasons you’re glad she’s in your life.

Write down ten significant accomplishments that happened during your ten years together.

Write down ten things about her that you don’t take for granted.

Write down ten things you want to accomplish with her over the next ten years.

Write down ten favorite outfits that you like seeing her wear.

Write down ten memorable meals (not just you two, family, friends can count too).

Write down ten songs that remind you of her. Extra Credit - Burn the songs to CD.

Be sure to write neatly.

Make em into a book (@ Kinkos?) Place a photo on the front. Add a title (100 ways and counting, 10x10, etc).

Present the book at dinner.

On my last anniversary I got quite good results with a short little trip.

What I did was get some friends as accomplices. People with kids will need a babysitter accomplice as well. I had my friends deliver a note (with flowers) to my wife at work telling her that she was to return home after work, dress for a night out on the town, pack an overnight bag, and that she would be picked up. When she went home and followed the instructions, my friends picked her up and delivered her to a nice restaurant where I had a private table booked and ready, her favorite flowers artfully arranged on the table. We had a nice dinner and then I surprised her with an overnight stay at a very classy local bed and breakfast where much romance ensued :)

A little planning, a little buildup to get the excitement and mystery going, and not a whole lot of money later I had one great anniversary. It was a weekday even and we didn’t need to take any vacation time.

What Nick said. And don’t be shy about telling people when you’re arranging plans that it’s for your 10th anniversary. Not everybody’s heart is two sizes too small, fortunately. To that end: don’t be stingy, either. You should thank black baby Jesus the Missus isn’t big on jewelry. KISS THE BLACK BABY JESUS ON BOTH CHEEKS, PHIL.