10th best game of 2019: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Title 10th best game of 2019: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When January 8, 2020

Boy, do I feel silly about this.  A Marvel boondoggle taking up a slot on my 2019 top ten list?  I don't even really like superheroes. They've been foisted on to me. They're shrapnel in a cultural explosion whose blast radius I can't escape..

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Awesome review, I agree with a lot of your points! Was a pleasure to read.

Incidentally, I loved this game and had a TON of fun playing it, both solo and with friends. Glad to see I’m not alone in my enjoyment of it.

Well now I want to play Astral Chain. Thanks, Chick.

Wait, what? No, back up, that’s not what I meant to do!

To it’s credit, there’s enough cool stuff in Astral Chain that I really wish it were a better game. If it just merely sucked, I’d never give it another thought.


Any game weird enough to include a robot washing mechanic (unless they’re sexy lady robots? That would be the wrong kind of weird) is one I kind of want to poke at. That doesn’t necessarily connect with being any good, of course.

Shrapnel from a cultural explostion tickled me in the right places. Good work. I take it Christian is on the mend?

Hey it’s been a while since you’ve posted last, so you’re a bit out of the loop. Christien recently passed away.

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. Apologies for any insensitivity. I didn’t see the announcement at all. Very sad.