11 days til Half-Life 2?

Am I missing something?

Yes, the 8,000 other threads in which we discussed this :P

I remain optimistic, though, so I’m voting ‘yes’.

In the words of a popular board personality, learned theologian, mediocre (at best) game reviewer, and guy whose name is mentioned in every third topic title:

[color=darkred]Fuck Half Life[/color]

You left out “beret-wearer.”


Optimism is the best policy. Half Life 2… I choose you!

I hope so but outlook is grim :cry:

Reply hazy; try again later.

  • Alan

Who cares? Only people that want to play a decent FPS I guess.

Fuk u buzntch! Half Life suks donkley ballz. Game suKs and so do U FukerS!


Xbox all the way baby!


I bet the guys at Gearbox are crossing their fingers saying “Please, please be delayed”.

I know it’s been discussed but that means I’d have to read. duh…

heh, I know I would be. :lol:

Did you guys see the new video of Half Life 2?!?!? Vehicles?!?! LARGE OUTDOOR LANDSCAPES?!?!? GIANT ASS SPIDERS AND GUNS SHOOTING LETTERS?!?! WTF?!?! IT LOOKS COOL!

Oh damn, please don’t let Steam ruin this game…


Well now that I have become One With The Borg and converted to Steam - I say BRING IT ON !

Well, whenever HL2 actually comes out I’ll be building an Athlon 64 rig for it. It’s about time to upgrade anyway.

Oh, and don’t tell me to buy a Dell, crazy people ;b

Will it make the Sept. 30th date? Uh, it hasn’t gone gold yet, right? And the supposed release date is 10 days from now, right? And all the retailers have november and such in their computer systems now, right? So, pretty much the only people asserting the 30th are the developers themselves. Can’t trust those bastards…

shrug ;b