115% pure AWESOME


Although I’m sure someone will post the link to the thread it was originally discussed in.

You’ll shoot yer eye out, kid!

I have to admit, it really was the world’s most awesome squirt gun at one point.

Fuck n’ A man what a way to live out your Aliens fantasy with that thing!

That was really cool. Ill have to add it to my list of things to build on the *day after.

  • = Zombies attack, were invaded by aliens, or any other apocalyptic events.

Why didn’t he set some shit on fire with it is what I want to know.

Smart kids are awesome. Because this would have otherwise been a video on YouTube of some dumbass setting himself on fire.


Had the very same thought. Though, that also would have had some entertainment value…

If this had been a video, with, say, one minute of preparation footage, him testing the system with water, then hooking up a blow torch and just instantly immolating himself, then it really would be 115% awesome. They’d have to recalibrate the entire awesome scale around this hypothetical video.

He’s burning alcohol, that’s not nearly as effective a gasoline.

Weak sauce.

I am so up on the protective eyewear at go-live.

“Well, if things go horribly awry, at least I won’t get dirt on my cornea!”

You do understand that PVC is solvent in gasoline (according to the guy), right? Not much of a fuel tank if the fuel melts its way through the tank.

The dangers of a fire lapdance.

I hope to God my son never sees this.

How long until less skilled and less conscientious wannabe’s imitate this guy and destroy themselves/nearby property/innocent bystanders/Muffy the WonderCat/all of the above? The lawsuit potential if they do is terrifying. By creating a “how to do this” guide, the original creator has potentially opened himself to liability suits from injured parties…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly cool, but I’d be hiding and hiring lawyers if I was foolish enough to release this kind of thing.

But it hurts so good!

I think that would be a problem if the guy actually helped someone build one. But there are so many of these kind of things out there, and I don’t recall hearing about any lawsuits. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s actionable. I’m sure the lawyer types here could correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyone else remember this South African carjacking deterrent?

Wow! Never heard of that before. I found this quote especially interesting:

…the driver could step on an additional pedal next to accelerator and flames would erupt from outer sides of both front doors, “neutralizing” the assailant

The potential for accidentally stepping on the flamethrower pedal seems pretty high. I think I’d want a control that required more deliberation to use–open a panel and then flip a switch, for example.