13-days left, 13-feet away, $1,300 budget - HDTV

Ok, I’ve backed myself into a corner. We need to replace our destroyed A/V equipment within the next 13 days before my claims period ends. I figure much may have changed since whenever I previuosly asked about this.
At any rate:

  • $1,300 is what we can get compensated for (depreciation).
  • We sit a max of 13-feet away from the tv.
  • 13 days left to get this ordered (well, prolly just 12 by the time anyone reads this). So waiting for sales isn’t going to be an option.

We will never be able to afford a different tv with our limited incomes so I need to choose something that will be a great long-term value and not die. Suggestions? Thanks! :-)

I’d get the Olevia 747i. $1200-ish, 1080p, 47’, great upscaling, and none of that plasma burn-in black-magic.

At that distance, I’d want as big a TV as I could get, which means DLP. It looks like $1300-ish will get you a Samsung 56" one, which should be solid.

I really don’t want to go DLP with the price of bulbs being as high as they are (they’re like $200+ aren’t they)? That kind of extra cost is something we can’t afford.

I guess maybe we’d be better of moving the entertainment center forward towards the couch (mean it’s not against the wall anymore).

For myself I’m most concerned with color clarity, blacks/greys, and how it handles (up-converts) lower definitions.

jpinard – go check out the stock at Costco. The Vizio LCDs/plasmas generally give you really good value (and picture) for the $$$. The 47" 1080p LCD should be $1200 (+tax).

(If you don’t have a membership, ask for a visitor’s pass; if you see one you like, and you don’t want to pony up for the yearly membership, drop me a PM and I’ll meet you there sometime so’s you can buy it on mine :)

As a Vizio 32" LCD owner, I endorse them wholeheartedly.

I have a 42" 1080P Vizio LCD and so far so good. The only downside is that while it has tons of hdmi ports it only has 1 component. In general, when buying an HDTV remember to look into the inputs before you buy it, they’ve all got different amounts and types.

The built in QAM tuner is solid, I get a great OTA signal.

I’m not a real HDTV snob, though. While I can tell the difference from a sony and a visio side by side, I don’t have them side by side in my house so I don’t care.

Nope, many (most?) newer Samsungs DLPs use LEDs instead of the traditional lamps, and they are supposed to last a lot longer. Some claims I have seen say the life of the TV, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

But even the traditional bulb TVs are pretty good. My bulb in my Samsung was going on 3 years before I changed it, and I changed it because I thought it was going out, but it turned out to be a mirror problem. The bulb was only $110 shipped from the Samsung reseller, and now I have a spare bulb.

With that said, as much trouble as this Samsung set has been for me, they’d be hard pressed to get me to buy another one. When it works, it’s beautiful. DLP good. Samsung meh.

That set is an award-winner, to be sure… but Olevia went bankrupt about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Good luck getting warranty service on that set now.

46 inch plasma, 1080p, very well reviewed, free shipping.

Burn in and lifespan really aren’t the issues they used to be for modern plasmas, and you’ll get superior picture quality over LCD.

sharp lc-46d64u, 46", a tad over your price $1400 shipped
fyi, onecall is great. I ordered my first hdtv from them and had a great experience.

I’ve seen this price locally too though you’ll have to pay tax.

One thing: I had a LCD shipped to me before and it arrived broke. Couldn’t tell until it was powered up and then you could tell it had broken picture elements inside. It looked like modern art… but no picture!

The Panasonic Viera plasmas are excellent, in my opinion. Tested a whole bunch recently and settled on the 42" and it’s great. We’ve been working on two films recently and tested the DVDs on a number of TVs, and it always looks best on our Viera. And again, the whole burn-in issue with Plasma is really overblown these days.

Yep. I love my Viera. And this Fall I plan to get a 50 inch plasma version (right now, I have the 32 inch LCD). Great product line.

Are you fucking serious? How did I not hear about that? Fucking hell.

Thanks man.

Yea, everyone came in to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on my 42" Vierra 1080p Plasma. It just looks better. I hate watching movies/tv anywhere else.

Bought my Grandparents a 720p 37" Toshiba, and it’s horrible. Colors are widly off, washed out, looks 10x worse than it did in-store. I’ve tried screwing around with the color settings, but there is no RBG adjustment, just “tint” and temperature.

Hmm. Our 37" Toshiba Regza 1024p looks great. I highly recommend the Toshiba line.

OK, I’ve narrowed it down to these four. I’m not sure what’s more important (I’m guessing brightness and contrast use different measurements between LCD and plasma)?


Two things worry me about the Plasma. The energy usage, and the fact Panasonic states you constantly lose color/brightness over time and it’s unavoidable. 100,000 hours is the point in time where you’ll have 1/2 the color/brightness of its first day.

Concern about LCD is duller blacks, greys, colors, and poorer viewing angles. Also unknown what that 60,000 hours bulb life exactly means.

Re: plasma energy consumption, with all pixels showing bright white it certainly does chew up the power. However, in a realistic viewing situation (generally much darker obviously) its energy consumption is far more modest. Not quite on a par with an LCD, but not silly season either. Do what we do - turn the damn thing off when it’s not being watched. Amazing how much energy you save.

That 10,000 point difference in the contrast ratios bwteen the 42" & 46" Plasma’s. Is that worth the trade-off in size?