13 things you should know about the new Skinsaw Murders adventure for Pathfinder

Title 13 things you should know about the new Skinsaw Murders adventure for Pathfinder
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When October 16, 2013

Has your Pathfinder group reached Thistletop Delve yet? If so, your progress in this unique collectible card RPG is stalled for the time being, waiting for the next adventure deck..

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I didn't think it was out til November? I really want to play it. I hate you for playing it early.

We'll talk later about how much I hate you.

Still having an amazing time playing it with my kiddies. Those poison trap were a bitch when only one of us could really get around them with our Thieves tools.

Ooooo. Halloween feel? That was a very cruel tease in your interview when Mike suggested that the expansions would vary in mechanics and theme. I can't wait to see how this adjusts an already awesome game.

Man, you guys are making it hard to resist (and this as someone who has every Pathfinder AP issue as well as the RotRL hardcover)!

That's what I like about some of the later adventures, and particularly some of the Skinsaw Murders scenarios. Once you get past the concept of baddies simply having a combat check, it starts to bring to the forefront some of the card management gimmicks. Oh, look, Detect Evil is useful after all!

I'm pretty sure they plan to ship it this month. If not, they're missing a great Halloween tie-in. :(

Amazon was quoting the middle of November (which is way too far away!) but they might just have been making that up. I hope it hits this month because my group and I just finished Thistletop Delve tonight and we need more adventure!

Paizo is shipping it now to subscribers. It is also available on their site as shipping in 2 to 10 days and is no longer a pre-order, so pretty much this week or next it'll be everywhere.