14 year old political pundits

A homeschooled 14 year old writing anti-liberal screeds. Someone, please find a 14 year old liberal that does this too, if only to balance the universe.

But by far the funniest thing on that page though, was this…

1 person recommended Coping With Children’s Misbehavior, a Parent’s Guide in addition to Seen And Heard : America’s Youngest Political Pundit Tackles the Lies and Truths of Politics and Culture

the kid looks like a mini Rush Limbaugh.

I’ll bet he’s corn fed.

Hooray for Amazon!

Christ, that little fuck already has a book out? His writing is horrible, regardless of political content.

Is it just me, or does the cover look like those communist propaganda posters?

I see a flat head under that mop.

I think this kid read Ender’s Game and liked Peter Wiggin a wee bit too much.