1776 on Bluray

Anyone else excited about this coming out tomorrow? Mine just shipped from Amazon and I can’t wait, there are basically 2 musicals I dig, this and Sweeney Todd, and it looks like this release is going to be amazing.

My bud Ron over at HomeTheaterForum (disc: I’m a HW reviewer there for funsies) did a half hour phone interview with the director that nails down the intricacies of the maddening edits this film has seen over the last 30 years and how this cut is going to be about as good as it ever gets. I really enjoyed it.

It’s one of the stranger ironies of film history that the best movie about the American Revolution - and pretty much the only one to take a serious look at its politics - is, of all things, a musical.

Didn’t know this existed, but yes, now I’m excited.

I rather like the movie too, especially it’s presentation of the politics, but positive reviews are hardly universal. The list of good movies about the Revolutionary War is depressingly small. Aside from 1176, I think one of the best was the TV movie, “The Crossing,” which starred Jeff Daniels as Washington.

OMG this is on Blu-ray now? YAY!

Never heard of this, but just heard the “Sit Down John, for gods sake song” and I love it! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Yeah, this is definitely my crowd’s most anticipated release since It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. The threads anticipating it at HTF are epic. The reviews of the Blu are very positive too.
(and sorry if I seem like I’m pimping here, I’m really not, I’m just excited for the release!)

OK, Tom gave a thumbs up to the linkage, so I’ll add that reviews are starting to come in, including HTF’s:

Also check out this thread with words from Restorationist Robert A Harris and Film Maker / Restorationist TR Wilkinson.

I love this musical. I was lucky enough to play John Adams in a production years ago and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

My review: This Bluray is awesome.