178 ads for Romney, 1 for Obama

Yikes, the disparity in advertising is a bit unnerving. I started counting right after I noticed so many ads were being politicized (browsing on-line & youtube). So far, I’ve seen 178 ads for Romney (most of them are actually attack ads on Obama), and only 1 ad for Obama. Breakdown as follows:

  • The single ad for Obama was Obama making a short speech talking about how he’d like to balance the budget by having the wealthy pay a bit more and wanting to work with both sides for a balanced budget.

  • I saw 18 ads where supporters of Romney said he’d be a good president because he fixed the Salt Lake City Olympics.

  • I saw 3 ads where Romney himself said he’d be a good president because he fixed the Salt Lake City Olympics.

  • I saw 21 ads where Romney talks about “saving families and marriage”, “adding jobs by ???”, and “repealing every single thing Obama has done”.

  • The rest of the ads have been attack ads on Obama by SuperPACs. That would be 136 ads. Maybe 50% (or more) were funded by “Americans for Prosperity”. Rough estimate as I wasn’t keeping track of who was responsible.

Note: this count does not include innocuous tiny ads or banner ads, but is only the stuff you can’t click out of. So it is ads tha play a voice message without your consent, or a giant ad that takes up your whole screen, or Youtube ads. The stuff that delivers a message outside of “Vote Romney!” “Vote Obama!” started August 3.

It may have to do with where you browse. Everywhere I go on the web, I see advertisements asking me to contribute to the Obama campaign. They aren’t even really Obama campaign ads – in the sense that they aren’t ads telling me why I should vote for Obama. They are literally ads saying “Contribute Now”.

Maybe you need to stop downloading videos of the Salt Lake City Olympics.

<3 Adblock.

Romney ads are all over the Hulu Plus edition of The Daily Show. Which seems incongruous.

Huh. Not for me. The only ads I get on TDS are Chase credit cards, and Capella University. I watch via PS3, though- perhaps that has something to do with it. Since I have no form of OTA TV or cable, I can honestly say I haven’t seen a political ad in years. Of course, I still get their robocalls.

Yeah, if these are online, your habits are probably just getting matched to Romney for whatever reason. Maybe you’re reading about the Convention and it’s keying off that or something.

Every since I clicked on a link that Kong posted months ago joking somebody should buy a Mercedes Sprinter instead of a minivan, I’ve been getting a whole lot of ads for them.

This. The pervasive way that browser ads are linked to your history can be terrifying. My wife busted her iPhone screen the other week and I did a couple searches on how to replace it myself. For the past three weeks every other ad I see is for iPhone screen replacements.

As for TV ads, it will really depend on where you live. Here in Battleground Virginia, we get both sides in almost equal measure… especially during the evening news. In Pennsylvania I imagine they see more Romney ads than Obama; in North Carolina I’d expect more Obama ads than for Romney.

Try to moving to europe. I’ve not seen any obama/romney ads :D

Honestly, I thought my browsing habits were quite neutral, as they lean exclusively towards gaming and science. I didn’t watch any Olympics, and the only Olympic articles I read were from the BBC.

I guess this is why I thought I was a good random sampling of ads - especially the Youtube ones.

I see them, but that’s just because apparently some idiots at one of the major advert networks seem to think that BeThere is an American ISP.