182 expletives, including 99 fucks

I just read somewhere that one of the movies nominated for an Oscar has 182 explitives, which includes 99 instances of the word fuck. Even with all the blue goodness in this movie, it is not a record which is held by Platoon with 329. Next up is Deer Hunter with 208. This year’s contender is not about Vietnam, but something equally contentious and particularly American.

Anyone care to guess what it is?

hurm. The old spoiler quote thing doesn’t seem to work on this board.

Gay cowboys?

Platton? Is that film about a US general slash philosopher I haven’t seen yet?

Brokeback mountain contains only 92 curse words.

Team America?

A gay writer?
A gay commie hunter?
A gay… what was Crash about, again?

My guess is Crash (haven’t seen it, but it seems like a subjectmatter where swearing comes naturally)

Was that nominated for anything? It may not have been clear, but the film has to have been nominted for an Oscar to be in the running.

How do we do spoilers on the forum? Are we just using old fashinoned analog white space? How quaint. :) If that’s a negative aspect of this new forum, I have also discovered a positive. You can edit the spelling in your post without getting an edit message stamp. This makes the pedants who post messages about your spelling look foolish and more than makes up for the loss of spoiler quotes.

Ding, ding, ding… We have a wiener, we have a winner. Very good. Thread over.

My guess is Crash (haven’t seen it, but it seems like a subjectmatter where swearing comes naturally)

Yeah, it was Crash. I think Brokeback was second and then Munich. They had a little mention of it in my local paper as well.

EDIT: That was pretty close.

Wait, new poll: which Oscar nominated movie has the most people smoking cigarettes. Okay, that’s too easy: of course it is, Good Night, Good Luck. But who comes in second?

Wanker! semicolon, right bracket.


… had to spend my 7 seconds doing something.

Hanzii for the win… Again! You are just too good for me. Of course it is Capote.

I truly am a wanker, btw. Thanks for noticing. :)

Do you mean just the record among Oscar-nominated films? I believe the overall title is held by Made:

The word “fuck” is used 274 times in the 90.5 minute film. That’s 3.03 times per minute. Total profanities are 343 or 3.79 per minute.

I thought the South Park movie had the record.

Yeah, just the good ones. Not that only good films get nominated for Oscars, but you have to use some sort of metric. Otherwise I’m sure there were dozens of porn movies made in the 70s with lots of people smoking, cussing, and fucking too much.

I thought Glengarry Glenn Ross was right up there, but I doubt it was Oscar nominated.



Made was good :/.

“His gun is a fucking starter pistol! I can see the red plug in your fucking barrel!”
“Listen to me, I intentionally make this gun look that way because I am smart.”

Yeah… Made is great.

Pacino got nominated for the Oscar and the Golden Globe. Honestly, I was surprised that was the only one, considering how revered that movie is.