1923 (Paramount +)

Wow, really hitting the vein while it’s hot.

Did this start already?

That was just the first teaser. First episode goes live on December 18.

I can’t believe Yellowstone has 2 sequels.

I gave up on the original after 3 or 4 episodes, I just didn’t like anybody!

Why should I watch a show about terrible people I don’t like?

You have a fair point. I got a few episodes into Yellowstone and realized the Duttons are a bunch of fascists.

But it’s fiction, and people have shown they enjoy a story about bad guys. The Sopranos (and just about any mafia move), Breaking Bad, and Succession are just a few examples of this.

I haven’t watched Yellowstone or Succession yet, but when I watched The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, despite them being bad guys, I was still kind of rooting for them. Is it the case with these shows as well?

It was for me - the characters are flawed, not evil.

Very much so. The Duttons have used murder and torture to get what they want, but that’s a fraction of what the show is about.

The meta theme across the series is about how the patriarch rancher is trying to deal with modern intrusions into his property; land developers are trying to wrestle control of the land. In this way, even though the characters are often terrible people, audiences I think are sympathetic to the situation. When the show talks about investors buying up land, pushing out the long-time residents by outpricing them or jacking up the property values until the residents sell because they can’t afford the property taxes, it’s a theme that resonates with things happening in the real world.

There’s also a lot of conflict in the show between traditionalists and the inevitable march of progress, and it can be fascinating to watch.

I’m consistent, I don’t watch any of these.

I never been to a Mafia movie… LOL.

Interestingly my take is that the Duttons of the 1880s (from 1883) are very different from the modern ones, also given the flashbacks in season 4 to the 1890s.

That being said, I think people who only have watched 1883 will be confused as to who Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren play in 1923, because they aren’t those elder Duttons.

— Alan

I recommend Goodfellas.

I’ve only watched 1883 and the family in that one was certainly likeable. Sure the dad was a cranky ex-Confederate soldier, but I don’t think he did anything bad during the show.

Also, I really really enjoyed 1883 and will certainly give this one a shot.

Sorry, no interest at all.