1C - So It Looks Like I'm Learning Russian

One of my E3 disappointments was the very limited coverage of the Euro and Eastern European PC titles. 1C has pretty crazy lineup in particular.

Death to Spies - Metal Gear Solid/Hitman. You play a Smersh agent infilrating German lines to blow things up and carry out assassinations. You can borrow enemy uniforms as long as you didn’t bloody them up. Uses a suspicion mechanic much like Hitmans. One of the cool details is the possibility to trap just about any object including dead bodies. Gamespot Preview

The Tomorrow War - Classic PC Style Space Sim.

* Powerful game engine capable of modeling whole planetary systems. The engine allows continuous flights from space into the atmosphere of a planet and landing on any part of the planet
* Adjustable settings – from a hardcore space sim to a near arcade game
* Dozens of NPCs and locations
* Different types of spacecrafts – from fighters to ferry ships

Theater of War - The WW2 RTS title they’ve been working on for ages. Uses the engine Maddox Games developed for Il-2. It looks something like the Close Combat series in 3D where units have a fair bit of autonomy. Five campaigns including Polish and French. Gamespot Preview

They also have five RPGs, three TBS titles, one Total War Clone, two FPS, and a number of RTS games in this years lineup.

I love European/Eastern Block/Russian games. Gothic 2, Space Rangers 2, Silent Storm were all great.

The only problem with them is the spectre of Starforce hanging over all their heads. Not that they all use them, but they are more likely to.

Don’t forget the game with the greatest name ever, You Are Empty. How existentialist.

I was utterly dissapointed in the lack of coverage of Oleg’s upcoming BoB sim. Christ the only screenshots I’ve seen are at SimHQ and they’re just cockpit shots and one cloud shot - no pics of terrain or cities. WTF?

They must be using a lot of place holder art/effects that they don’t want shown. I did think it was odd that Oleg offered so little in his interview.

Ahh looks like SimHQ posted some new pics and videos this morning.


The Tomorrow War looks like a rip-off of Starshatter.


Star Force = no sale.

DTS looks nice and hidden and dangerous-ish. Hope there is no SF.

Now that was cruel.

Apparently the developers are a 2D/3D Commerical Design Studio and this is their first try at Game development. They began the project in 2004 writing their own engine for it. Its based on a popular scifi trilogy.

It does, but I’ll play it anyways. :)

Strategy Core did a decent write-up of Kentia. Despite seeming like vapor so far, I’m still looking forward to UFO:ET. Also, the MOO nod in the Sword of the Stars blurb is definitely promising.