1CC Marathon 2017

Ran across this at Retro Game Boards on Thursday and totally forgot to mention it here at Qt3. It’s a really cool event this weekend for one credit clears of arcade games. Top notch play. Right now he’s attempting a 1CC of NARC! “You’re busted!”

Glad I learned about this too late, or this sunny weekend would have been spent very differently!

They’re still going today. Check the schedule. ;)

It gets archived too, I think. You could watch on a rainier weekend

The stream fires up again at noonish today with Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu. That game is a ridiculous bullet hell so a 1CC should be wild. Lots more after that.

Caught up only on the Knights of the Round 1cc (spoiler, he did it!) and it was brilliant.

I’ll need to look these up in archive. I see there was a “In the Hunt” 1cc run, and I love that game.

I recall enjoying the first few seconds of the first stage of that game :O

I’ve been watching like the last two hours or so. The Final Fight run is hilarious. New Zealand Story is insane! R-Type Leo now.

NZS’s spikes are just a cringing experience. What an evil game, I always knew it!

I remember R-Type Leo’s graphics blewing me away. Still looks incredibly beautiful, even emulated.

I watched waaaay too much of this because it was often nail biting and hilarious all at the same time! There was some amazing stuff done in these clears and I think they ended up at like 80% of the games attempted being a success.

I played a LOT of arcade games as a kid and I would go to arcades everywhere I went. I’ve been to Funspot and lots of larger places like it in later years and yet there were still a number of games they ran that I had never seen before. One in particular that blew me away was The Gladiator/Road of the Sword/Shen Jian as it was known in various territories. It’s a 2003 beat 'em up so it has some advanced mechanics that make it a joy to watch and I assume also to play. You can find that at 8:48:30 on this archive…

Highly recommended. It looks like all the days are archived at the original link. The commentary is usually really insightful as far as what the player is trying to do, how they might be cheesing the game, what parts are potential for failure, and how the games seem to know it’s a 1CC Marathon so they do dumb stuff you don’t expect. :)

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for all of the IGS beat-em-ups, from growing up with the various Knights of Valor entries.

I found this marathon to be a bit off a letdown. I enjoyed seeing a bunch of games that don’t get much attention anymore, but I thought from a tournament calling itself “1cc” that there was a lack of mastery, several that I watched took several attempts to get clear, some just bailed and continued. They’re better than I am, to be sure, but not as good I hoped to see.

You must have had bad timing. They ended up with 51 games cleared. I mean, you get one shot at it. Any game that has some form of RNG can totally bone you, and that happened a few times. It’s not really a tournament, just a bunch of dudes having fun.

Find that Progear run on day three and get back to us.

I didn’t see the whole thing, just popped in occasionally, they seemed to wrap up each day around the time I was tuning in. I get there’s a high degree of randomness involved and I’m fine if this is just dudes goofing around, I just think they may have been aiming a bit high claiming it’s a 1cc marathon.

Hey, don’t let me rain on you raining on their parade, but 51 out of 68 games cleared when most people can barely pass level one on one credit of most of these games is completely bonkers in my eyes. You do know they often played on the hardest difficulty or took the hardest routes too, right?

It was a marathon of 1CC clear attempts with one chance to do it live, not recorded. 51. Out of 68.

Yes, usually there was an extra element to make it extra challenging, whether by picking something insane and obviously impossible (Kikikaikai, come on!), by commenting and giving advices while playing, or by making it harder on purpose.
I only watched half a dozen attempts, but some were just so good I could almost forget the game was near impossible to begin with, like that Batrider one.
I personally enjoyed the laid back ambiance and the non-seriousness of it all. Better hear somebody laugh failing than raging and swearing.

Armed Police Batrider was crazy. I had no idea you have to suicide to keep the difficulty manageable! When the commentary turned to how you probably want to kill yourself about score xxx because it’s too risky to let it climb much higher, I was just in awe of the ability to play like that and get to the end on one credit… which the player nearly pulled off! He explained after he was done that he got bad RNG right at the end there and that contributed to the fail.


Couple good links… here are all the games they ran, whether they completed it or not, who did the run and any special notes as well as the length of time it took.

Retro Game Boards has a nice thread on the event along with a participant who posts about it (GunnerSTG… he ran Progear). Better though, the thread has time stamped links to all the games from all three days.

Check the first post in that thread for all the links.