1Gb memory stick duos

The 1Gb memory stick that I bought at the height of PSP madness wound up going in my digital camera, so now I’m on the lookout for another one to go where it was originally intended.

Just wondering if the insane rush on, and subsequent shortage of, high-volume memory sticks that accompanied the launch of the PSP has now settled down. Is it relatively easy to find them in stores again now?

Not as of last week. The PSP compatible ones still bore a substantial premium where I snooped around.

There are plenty of 1GB PRO Duos over in the Digital Imaging section of my local Best Buy. You can use that link to see if there are any at your local store as well.

There were even a few readily available 2GB sticks until someone managed to steal every last one of them.

If you can wait and would like to save about $30, Newegg.com has 1GB sticks as well.

Yeah I suggest Newegg. As stated above last week bestbuy had the 1gig sticks for 94 bucks.

It’s listed here for $70 shipped from ZipZoomFly.

Seriously, people should be checking Ben’s Bargains.