1st photo of the year nominee for 2003

Is this a “our favorite pics of Eddie Money” thread or something?

Is that Ralph Nader?

Damn, I thought this was one of those photos that would flash something in my face after 45 seconds and scare the shit out of me.

I thought you were younger than that, Matthew. So much for my mental picture.

That picture just reminds me how happy I am that the Tyranny of the Holidays is over. OK kids, the tree is down, now STAY OUT OF MY CLEAN LIVING ROOM!

Ha, ha. Well said, Supertanker! I am looking forward to taking down the tree and lights, but haven’t gotten to it just yet. You remind me that the effort does have its reward–an offical end to the season. I can yell at the kids to put away their toys.

I’m actually the one on the left.

Actually, I’m neither of them. This is a found photo, and I will never have kids for precisely the reasons outlined in the photo.

Interesting…the red eyes, the headband, the protruding fangs, the deliriously happy expression with tongue hanging out…the kid only needs pointed ears to become the first live anime character.