2 GBit (yep, that's a G) internet tested in England

“Holy Moly” doesn’t quite cut it. Internet 20 times faster than my LAN.

It wouldn’t take more than an afternoon to become incensed by double-digit pings (15ms? omg lag!1!!) but man do I look forward to that inconvenience.

How does 2GBit translate into quick pings? You can have lots of bandwidth and still have high latency.

Yeah. I wonder what high speeds do to your latency. The hardware has to cope with a lot of input. Sounds find for video streams and such to a dedicated purpose set top box, but can a desktop PC even handle that kind of data transfer?

It’s common for monthly transfer to be capped in England, often at 60 Gigabytes or so a month.

I think it would be funny if someone activated their 2 gigabit connection, started downloading a load of torrents and streaming crap, and then it turned off after 4 minutes because they’d exceeded their monthly budget.

Yeah all you folks who said you’d move to England if you gave up your US citizenship? F that.

Well, gigabit ethernet LANs have been around for a while now, using off-the-shelf network adapters. I daresay the move to 10 gigabit isn’t too far off.