2 new Dominions2 games FULL & STARTED

Hi guys,

After a bit of playing around I’m fairly confident that I can host a few games without accidentally turning everyone’s Pretenders into a comedy rubber chicken that runs around casting “Flock of Hens” every turn.

So, here we go!

Game: QT3-JM-Noob

Map: Aran

Players: 6

Hosting Time: Quickhost, 48 hours forcehost

Current Players:

1 - JM - Marignon - PRETENDER IN
2 - SlyFrog - Jotunheim - PRETENDER IN
3 - Huzurdaddi - Vanheim - PRETENDER IN
4 - Bakov - Pythium - PRETENDER IN
5 - crit (QT3 lurker) - T’ien C’hi - PRETENDER IN
6 - JamesG - Man - PRETENDER IN

Settings: Default / Score Graphs OFF

This is a genuine newbie game - for those of us who’ve either played no multiplayer games at all, or are cannon fodder for the more experienced types. I will choose a nation from whatever’s left over once the slots have been filled.

Game: QT3-JM-Hardcore

Map: Cradle2 (can be a different one if people are bored of this)

Download here
and get the fixed map file here.

Players: 8

Hosting Time: Quickhost, 48 hours forcehost

Current Players:

1 - balut - Abysia - PRETENDER IN
2 - Brandon Clements - Arcoscephale - PRETENDER IN
3 - Rywill - Atlantis - PRETENDER IN
4 - VegasRobb - T’ien C’hi - PRETENDER IN
5 - Rollory - Vanheim - PRETENDER IN
6 - Rob O’Boston - Caelum - PRETENDER IN
7 - Nick Walter - C’tis - PRETENDER IN
8 - Ch. Hasslbauer - Man - PRETENDER IN

Settings: Default / Score Graphs OFF / Renaming ON (requested)

This is one for the more experienced players (or newer ones wanting a step up).

All options (map, settings, hosting time, number of players) are open for debate if people have genuine reasons to change them - I’m no expert so I’m more than willing to listen to suggestions.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of a ~15 player World game but I think I’ll see how these go first.

If you’d like to play in either of these games:

Reply in this thread stating the game and your nation, and mail me your pretender (jamie at useofweapons dot net).

Don’t forget to set a password on your pretender!

Finally, a big thanks to Nick Walter for his help and advice. Cheers Nick! :)

  • Jamie

Abysia, Hardcore.

Give me Arco, and the Greeks invented hardcore, btw

Atlantis, Hardcore. Thanks for hosting!

Jotunheim in the Noob Game please.

I’ll try Vanehiem in the newbie game.

T’ien C’hi in the hardcore please and thanks

Dammit I cannot resist. Vanheim hardcore please.

I’m playing them in one of Backov’s games. You going default, or S&A? (just curious, as that game will be the first time I’ve played them)

Bring on the hardcore please: caelem.

Noob game for me please, I’ll take Pythium.

By the way, I’ve taken Jotun in the noob game, but noticed you (JM) are undecided. If you want Jotun, I think you should have the right as host, in which case I would be happy to take Ulm.

Ctis. Hardcore.

I’m really biting off more than I can chew now, dom2 wise. I’m taking Ctis here on the assumption that my other ctis game (Lutes 1) will end soon. So Rywill, balut, if you’d like to concede Lutes-1 just go ahead . . .

I’m playing them in one of Backov’s games. You going default, or S&A? (just curious, as that game will be the first time I’ve played them)[/quote]

Not sure yet. I’m playing T’ien C’hi S&A in noob2 and it’s been quite a learning experience.

I most certainly am crazy, but I’d like to join. I’ll give Man a try in hardcore. A bold advance towards one of the more magic-heavy nations.

It’s funny how I’m always just in time to pick the last remaining slot in a game.

One of the attractions of Dom2 to me is the diversity of the different nations. Whatever choices I end up with, I’ll be happy with :)

Of course, if you wish to be Ulm rather than Jotun, it’s not too late to change!


What’s going on in “newbies_unite” on mosehansen? I looked at the graphs and it looks like you were holding off man, but things seem to be going worse now.

And what the heck was up with his ( now dead ) commander with 500 kills? Yeash.

This game is following a sickening trend for me in multiplayer. Fast out of the gates. Largest nation in the world pretty quickly, followed by a crushing by all kinds of crazy stuff. Arghh.

If there’s still room, I’ll take Man in noob.

Yep, you’re in.

Time to get those Pretenders in guys!

Pretenders still needed:


SlyFrog - Jotunheim
Huzurdaddi - Vanheim
Bakov - Pythium
crit (QT3 lurker) - T’ien C’hi
JamesG - Man


balut - Abysia
VegasRobb - T’ien C’hi
Rob O’Boston - Caelum

Remember - email your pretender (make sure you’ve set a password) to jamie at useofweapons dot net.

  • Jamie

Well, there was stasis for a bit, or so I thought. Then two things happened. 1) Ryleh kept attacking one of my provinces, leading me to fight on two fronts, while no one attacked Man (to my knoweldge, other than maybe Ryleh) while he sent everything at me. 2) I was wrong about the stasis part; Man has clearly played the game a fair bit, and had a great wrathful skies storm combo set up. He basically slaughtered my army with one commander a couple of times, until I finally killed him.

Man is going to be huge unless someone actually steps in to hammer him from the north, so that it is not so easy for him to gain my territory while not being pressed in return from the other direction. It is probably too late already, but some effort would be nice. I’ve already sent notice to Caelum, who has not yet responded. I’ve also warned Arco about the Ryleh/Man threat, again without avail.

See the last sentence of part 2 above. I finally killed the guy, but before that, he just mauled a ton of my troops.