2 Questions for gaming when confined with leg elevated

I’m having surgery on my foot in 2 weeks to remove a piece of bone that is floating around in my ankle that broke off when I was doing a calf stretch. For a week I’m going to need to keep my foot elevated above my heart and I don’t think I can do that at my desk, so I will probably be on my coach - reclined with a pillow under my leg.

Is there an inexpensive way to play Steam games on my tv? Unfortunately I didn’t buy a Steam Link when they were available. I said, “When would I ever need to play my Steam games on my TV?”. I have the Steam Link app on my Android phone. Could I get a Google Chromecast or something that would put it on my tv? I don’t know how they work.

I do need to finish up The Last of Us Part 2, so I will be covered for part of the time. I think I also may have another action game on the PS4 I haven’t played yet too. I think part of the time though I’d like to play a strategy game though from my PC. Any ideas? Thanks

Big HDMI cable from computer to TV, Bluetooth peripherals, and very good eyes if you plan on playing strategy games.
If you got a laptop, the HDMI cable don’t even have to be big.

If you got an iPad you could try some games on the steam thing there, but you’ll need incredibly eyes to decipher anything.

Preferably do an HDMI cable run. If it’s a longer one you can get an optical HDMI cable. You may need to do a USB extender run as well to use bluetooth. It’s great once it’s all setup and is what I did. I ran it under the floor.

Otherwise you can use Moonlight over ethernet/wifi: https://moonlight-stream.org/

After thinking about it, I think I will move the PC up from the basement to be by the TV. It shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. I think I have an old wireless keyboard kicking around somewhere too. Looks like I’ll have to be wearing my glasses I barely use to keep the TV sharp! When I watch TV without them it isn’t an issue, but playing games I’ll need sharper focus than my aging eyes can manage.I’d probably need 75-100 ft of cable to connect the PC from where it is, up the stairs and then to the TV. Thanks for the suggestions!

You can try playing with the assistive issue, like bigger fonts and stuff for some games probably (I used to do it on my Mac at least in some situation), if you got difficulty reading, but that may be keeping a bunch of games out of the equation.

Another trick I use is having an easy shortcut (in my case, it’s having control and alt pressed at the same time on my Mac), to pop up a zoomed little window where your cursor is, like a digital magnifying glass, that you can set up to a comfortable size to inspect elements that have two small details without straining your eyes and getting headaches. I started doing that with Star Traders Frontier, back when it had font scaling issue, and it’s been useful now and then from them on, in the occasional deck building game and such.

Apparently if you turn Tracking off on your VR headset, you can use it lying down. Obviously you won’t be playing Beat Saber, but there are some seated experiences without the need for head tracking, plus you can watch plenty of VR movies.

Woo woo, I get to have the floating piece of bone removed today! Gotta be there by 5:30 AM.

Good luck. I hope everything comes out all right.

Thanks! Looks like I got a 2 for 1 deal as they found a second bone fragment . 😀

Keep them, kids love to play with those!

The doc said they aren’t allowed to do that anymore. I tried. They were small. The one I knew about was only 4 mm across, but that was enough to get stuck in my ankle so it would seize up sometimes