[2. Trade] [BillG]: WTS Lionhead PST

I’m sorry but this is actually funny. Please limit future posts to jokes that don’t work.

Fucking farmers!

This is the best of the lionhead threads. I want to change my vote in the poll thread.

I wonder; how many forum goers have a picture (or several) of Bill G on their hard drive:

  • raises hand

I think we need a 24 hour lockdown on these forums.

They insist all us guys in the Windows division get BillG tattoos on our bottoms. They say it’s optional, but you go nowhere without one.

Are you allowed to pick any picture, e.g. the one where he’s photographed by ‘the man’ after being arrested in his youth, or does it have to be a power-tie/suit photo-op’ed one?

Damn toilet cams on those MS shitters… i swear, futuristic johns are fascism.

You got the one of him as Hitler leading the Windows faithful right?

I thought everyone got that.

I think it was part of the Windows, code name “Nashville”, wallpaper package.

Two of my favourite Bill pictures below!

If you don’t count browser cache, then I don’t have any pictures of Bill Gates.
But I did use the police one in a story once (which tech writer didn’t?)

I bet you use a Mac as well… heathen!


/w cathcart i give u 10g meet at IF bridge kk?