$20 bounty for early Crackdown in S.F. Bay area

I posted this in the RepoMan-spooge Crackdown thread, but for those who can’t wade through it:

I will pay $20 to anyone who can locate for me a copy of Crackdown on or before Monday Feb. 19th. In other words, if you can find me a copy of the game (or a store near me that’s selling me the game early) such that I can play it on the evening of Monday the 19th, I’m’a give you $20.

I’m taking Tuesday off work and Monday night is going to be the ideal first Crackdown night… IF I can find the game by then. I’m in Concord, so any street-date-busting stores will need to be pretty nearby (Walnut Creek / Diablo Valley is best, followed by the east bay… San Francisco not an option for next weekend).

Let’s see whether 1) the game ships early and 2) the retailers are bribable :-) (I’m gonna call a few game shops with this offer directly, we’ll see if they go for it.) I’ll also bump this thread next Saturday or so.

Thank you for your support. (You ARE supportive, aren’t you???)

Wow. Good luck to you–I’d think that with next Monday being President’s Day, your chances of being SOL for an early release are even higher. On the other hand, if, along with the Halo 3 demo, MS is gonna spend money on dumps or tailored endcaps, maybe they’ll end up shipped before the weekend

That said, I’d think your $20 is probably better spent buying off a clerk at a store that gets high volume game shipments. Rather than offering it over the phone (which could smell of internal investigations into such matters from the head office), I’d show up in person, seem friendly and non-copish, and make the offer.

As I said: good luck. If I hear of anything, I’ll pass it along.

One time Olaf offered $200 for a WoW beta invite.

I got my copy from MS last week. Played quite a bit this weekend. It’s much, much, much better than I was expecting btw. The coop is fantastic.

Sorry though, I don’t have any inside lines on bay area supply. :(

“Yo baby I’ll suck yo’ diiiick” scratchscratch*

Have you ever sucked dick for Crack…down!?

Specifically, the east or far east (Diablo Valley / Concord) bay area.

Yep, I’m more than doubling my bounty for an early copy of Crackdown. If I can find a copy of it on or before Sunday the 18th, I’ll pay a finder’s fee of $50 (on top of normal retail cost for the game itself, of course).

I preordered it at an unspecified local retailer. I am going to go offer them this deal tomorrow. We’ll see if they bite. If they don’t, I’m going to make the rounds of many other stores over the next couple of days. I’ll probably bring my two-year-old with me to eliminate any taint of possibly being a snoop from the central office.


Any leads from anyone here? Anyone want to make a quick $50?

Let us know if you get hooked up!

Sorry. If I get hooked up from a store that I (effectively) bribe, I’ll have to promise them to keep it a secret, otherwise they could get in big shit if the word gets out. If, of course, I find a stack of 'em on the shelf at Best Buy or something, I’ll totally post about it – but if I have to twist someone’s arm, my lips’ll be sealed as to who squealed.