20 most embarrassing game companies

I saw the link at Slashdot. It’s an ongoing article at The Toasty Frog website outlining some of the larger screw-ups from game companies we all know and love …and some utterly despised (ie; Acclaim).

A pretty fun read.

Damned kids.

Obviously these yunguns don’t remember Intracorp.

Helloooooo… Homey D. Clown: The Game, anyone?


From the Acclaim bit:

Also, I confess a strange liking for Rambo for NES, terrible as it is.

God help me, but I agree, and I can’t really say why.

I’d also like to report that I finished the Acclaim Friday the 13th NES game. Booyah!

I wonder if anyone else is going to bid for it on eBay. I mean, come on, $20 US?

Take 2 (Interactive) were pretty awful way back when. They’d buy up any old piece of cancelled crap and push it out with zero support. Have considerably improved since though.

Heh. I finished “E.T.” on the Atari 2600, so I know what you mean.

Heh. I finished “E.T.” on the Atari 2600, so I know what you mean.[/quote]

I finished E.T. on the Atari 800, FWIW.

Speaking of that platform, COSMI made the worst games ever, bar none.

Legend has it that the atari ET game was “unfinishable” in its release state. Did you get the patch offa gamespy or something?

No, You could finish it. I finished it a bunch of times when it first came out. Hey, I was just a kid and didn’t know any better.

You know, thinking back, I seem to remember encountering an easter egg in ET. I was in one of the dreaded pits. There was a wilted flower. I used my phat ET powers to heal the flower and a Yar (from Yar’s revenge) flew up and out of the pit.
(just looked it up on eeggs.com. Yup it’s an easter egg all right. Hooray for me!

Yeah, E.T. could be finished. Whether or not you could avoid the “fall into a pit, levitate out only to fall right back in again, lather/rinse/repeat until you died” bug was a whole different story.

Or maybe it wasn’t a bug. Hard to tell with that game.

As a kid, I liked ET a lot. I finished it countless times on all difficulty settings. I had no idea how reviled the game was. I doubt I would have the patience for it now though.

I have to take issue with something in this article though.

Final Fantasy VII and Tactics both featured some of the most nonsensical and abrasively sloppy English scripts ever inflicted upon video games. This was especially detrimental to Tactics, whose intricate and convoluted story was completely slaughtered by its obtuse translation. Square

Now the translations are rarely, if ever, perfect in these games, but I still feel that Final Fantasy Tactics had the best story in any RPG evar.[/fanboy]

I wonder if it will mention Linux Game Developer Loki, who ended their company in the classy move of - by the way employees, the money we paid you this year? No taxes were taken out, you are responsible for that.



Same here. I remember beating Jason for the third and final time, hoping for some cool ending, only to get a picture of him sitting on his ass with birdies flying around his head. “Is he dead? Who knows? The End.”

Yeah, as a freelancer I can vouch how much that hurts (it only affected me the first year, then I went quarterly) but why didn’t the employees notice no with-holding on their paystubs?

A bit of reading talks like Loki actually did withhold taxes from the employees, but never submitted it to the government. They then tried to cover it up when they declared bankruptcy (after looting the company) by sending out 1099s instead of W2s.

But then this:

During at least part of the period when employee payrolls were not met, Loki sometimes gave employees “advances” on salary owed. Former employees say that these advances were in the amount of their net pay; the benefit to the company was that federal and state taxes on the payroll were not paid, because the money was treated as loans rather than pay. This in turn resulted in the now-former employees receiving 1099 forms instead of W-2s in January. The 1099 covers moneys paid to non-employees, but more important to the former employees, it meant that they would now have to pay taxes – and perhaps penalties – on what would have been their net pay.

What ever happened to all this?

Not sure I agree with them re: Nintendo. The major reason Nintendo stopped being a force in the mid-1990s was that publishers finally got fed up with the corruption (bribes to Nintendo to get product approval, bribes to middlemen to get distribution approval, etc.). Most publishers finally just threw up their hands and decided to support Sony’s PS1 more than the Nintendo, as Sony was being much more amenable on the terms and was promising a huge marketing push.

Eventually, Nintendo came back around and reformed, but it was a little late by then; PS owned the market.

There’s a lot of misinformation and exaggeration in that Nintendo piece. I’m sure the others have plenty of the same kind of ill-informed rhetoric.


Misinformed or not, that’s still a pretty entertaining piece. I’d say there’s probably more truth than exaggeration.

Ooooh, says the Nintendo fanboy.

Ooooh, says the Nintendo fanboy.[/quote]

Says the guy that disagrees with everything not said by himself.


Incidentally, that “feature” has way too many boring “words.”