$200-$300 for HD backup

I have up to $300 that I can spend on backup for my iBook’s hard drive. I have about 30 gigs of music, much of it purchased from iTunes that I’m worried about losing if the laptop is stolen/destroyed or if the HD fails.

I’m not interested in paying an ongoing subscription for web-based backup. What I need is a simple solution that isn’t so annoying that I’ll avoid actually doing backups and therefore defeat the purpose of having a backup.

Any suggestions?

Why not spend that on another HD for your main computer and back them up there?

Can you really backup iTunes licenses? I thought you had to burn that stuff to CD if you wanted a backup copy.


For experimental purposes only, I transferred some encrypted iTunes songs my friend had on his household server. When I went to play it in iTunes, it just asked for his iTunes login information. We didn’t try entering his information as we didn’t want to get his account flagged as a pirate or anything… so based on that little experiment, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to do a restore-from-backup

Because my iBook pretty is my main computer now. The piece of crap Dell desktop I have at home is pretty much relegated to playing Civ IV. It has half the HD space as my iBook. And I hate it with a firey passion. Stupid Dell.

Though I guess maybe I could add a HD to the Dell That I Hate, though as that machine continues to age my faith in it grows weaker and weaker.

Well, if you don’t use it now, but you still have it, what’s the difference if you don’t use it except for backing up your music? It’s not like the crappiness is going to spread to your new hard drive. Though it is a Dell, so who knows.

Otherwise, three hundred bucks can build you a whole non-gaming rig these days.

Why not just get an external 350gig HD?

Yeah, that’s a good idea too.

uh… for $200-$300?

Uh you can get a 250 for like 120.00 so like the 350 wouldnt be more then 200.

I have done the work for you.

Edit for the lazy: a 320 gig with a three year warranty comes to $160.

Sweet. I can feel my problem solving skills beginning to atrophy… but I’m not worried, I’ll just keep posting questions here!

Yeah a quick search found this

but I dunno what hard drive it uses inside but you could go out and pick it up today if you needed it that bad. After rebate its not bad.

Ha. I’m going through this exact situation. More and more “important” files (i.e. not game saves) are residing on my iBook, so I got a $40 hard drive enclosure. It arrived today and I just plugged a hard drive from my Dell into it. I was using the Dell as a file server, but the Dell is as loud as a jet engine, so I prefer to leave it off as much as possible.

No joke. It’s one of many reasons I hate my Dell.

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I believe it would have just added his computer to your list of ‘authorized devices’, if you haven’t hit the limit of 5 already. The songs are really tied to your iTunes Store account, not just the system you bought them on.

I think I’ll buy from Amazon or Best Buy or something like that. Are there any brands that are better than others? Any to stay away from?


Yes, stusser, every small computer parts retailer listed on pricewatch is secretly a scam and a front for the Russian mob.

Avoid Maxtor. Their failure rates have been really high in recent years.