2000 hours of XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Just reached this milestone today!

I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or check myself into rehab!


Funny, I just started playing the original on my phone thanks to OXCE.


¿Por qué no los dos?

That’s amazing. Are you using mods to add variety or anything, or is that all vanilla?

I’m probably really close to that number of hours myself, between Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within the expansion, then the Long War mod…yeah glad I bought them on GoG where it doesn’t keep track of my play time.

Hmm, I see you’re missing 11 achievements. I guess you didn’t like XCOM enough to finish?

j/k! That's quite an accomplishment, and I'm especially impressed you grabbed a screenshot at the neat and clean 2000-hour mark, before it started into the less elegant numbers like 2005, 2152, and the always embarrassing 2311.

For me it’s also a big lie in X2, I would often leave it running for long periods in the background or overnight.


I used some mods awhile back, but the last several playthroughs are vanilla.

I think the 11 achievements are for multiplayer, which I don’t play.

One of these days I might learn to actually like this game!

I set an alarm on my phone when I was getting close!

Do you mean to tell us you are the kind of person who plays 2,000 hours of a game and then leaves it a negative review on Steam? I say that in jest of course.

As someone who just cracked a similar milestone in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, I salute you, @Fardaza!

I didn’t know a person could get 2,000 hours out of this game. How do you keep it fresh?

I have like 2600 hours on various version of skyrim. Maybe more since some of the mod packs were “offiline”.

I think I have well over 2k hours each for Diablo 2 and Titian quest.

God knows how many hours of minecraft I actually have played.

I am closing in on 1000 hours on 7 days to die.

There is nothing wrong with getting a tremendous about of game-play time on any given game. It is a great value.

I only have 327 hours on Xcom 2. I guess I am a light weight.

Here’s the top of my Steam played list. So yeah, baseball games. What it doesn’t show is that since I was playing the Perfect Team mode of the game, 90% of the time spent was me refreshing Auction House listings looking for specific players.


Whoa. According to Galaxy, 2000 hours of play looks like this for me:

I think the only individual games I played for more than a 1000 hours were Guild Wars 1, Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. But games like Monster Hunter World and Skyrim definitely go above 500 hours.

Sometimes I play Ironman, which can definitely add to the tension. I always play on Commander difficulty. Impossible is just not fun.

I always turn on the Not Created Equally and Hidden Potential options. That way the soldiers are different every playthrough and can bring their own challenges into it.

Having to adjust your squad because of injuries is frustrating but fun. The early to midgame always stays fresh because you never know who is going to be injured for a key battle; Portent, Confounding Light, and Gangplank in particular. Trying to complete these missions without a good sniper can be a great way to increase the pulse rate.

Something I also do is change the order of research and construction. Certain things make it more interesting. Occasionally, I force myself to do the priority research and builds as soon as they open up. This makes me do things out of my comfort zone.

Different starting countries add to the freshness.

I must admit that I almost always research Meld first thing and then build a Cybernetics Lab. This will allow me to make my MEC around the end of the first month. My one and only MEC usually comes from a Heavy. If he has a high aim skill, he will end up with as many kills as my sniper. He will definitely carry the early game. I don’t wait for several levels of class advancement before doing the surgery. I’ve even turned rookies into MECs. The MEC is just too important early on.

I’ve enjoyed all the XCOM games more than any others. The original XCOM: UFO Defense from 1994 is still my favorite game of all time. I don’t know how many hours I put into that one. Steam wasn’t around then.

The only game that comes close is Lord of the Rings Online. That dominated everything from 2007-2010.

Indeed I am quite jealous of those who get deeply into one thing and don’t flit around various games like butterfly with ADHD like I tend to do.

I played MHW with my brothers for like a year (and we’ve put some serious time into DRG, too), and I would often go on and just go on quests with randos for fun, and I think I put like…800 hours into it? Maybe my most played game ever, come to think of it. I miss it but Iceborne made it pretty much unplayable for us as even I, the best in our group by a decent margin, could barely keep up with those crackhead monsters, and I never did gel with the clutch claw.