2003 Fall Television Season

Most of the networks have put out their new schedules. Is it just me or does there seem to be nothing that looks really interesting?

I wish Birds of Prey had been better.

Yeah. Me too. I think the show would have been better with an older Canary travelling the world, fighting crime and a younger Huntress (18-21) fighting crime in Gotham.

I think the show would have been better if it had been written by retarded twelve year olds using fingerpaints to create stills.

it should have been the polar opposite of Smallville. huntress should have been in high school actually, fighting drug rings and teenage gangs. the black canary bits (i stress bits) would be an occasional relief from that and would give adults something to watch.

Angel will be back, so I’m happy.

Loyd Case

Angel -Cordelia + Spike = ++Angel

Warning… Compile Error… not an lvalue…

Which leaves the cast of the show sounding more and more like the start of a joke:

So, two vampires with souls, a black guy, a green guy, a British guy, and a spunky girl astrophysicist walk into a bar…

Y’know… I really have a hard time watching live action shows these days. My entire TV watching schedule revolves around Simpsons, Family Guy reruns, and old Looney Tunes episodes. Hell, I’m even back to watching saturday morning cartoons whenever I can.

TV is overrated; it takes too much time away from my gaming schedule.

  • Alan