2003 Qt3 Post Competition!

As long as we have enough entries (at least 20 Qt3ers with nominated posts) I’m willing to host a Post Competition. All registered Qt3er posts from 2003 (GMT) qualify. Each registered Qt3er can provide links to nominated posts from any registered Qt3 author. There is no limit to the number of nominated posts a single Qt3er can link to. Only if a Qt3er is abusing this policy by providing links to clearly poor or mediocre posts will this policy be rescinded.

There is a limit (5) to the number of nominated posts each Qt3 author can have. If a Qt3er nominates his own posts, these nominations take precedence over nominations of him from others. Every Qt3er can select which nominations of his shall be part of the 5 (even approving the selections of others over his own).

In the absence of a Qt3er nominating his own posts or approving specific nominations from others of him, precedence will occur in chronological order.

There will be a minimum of one week allowed for nominations, starting from the time I begin this thread. There may be extra days added to the nomination process, depending on the thread’s progression. I will announce when the nomination process is over. Once it is over noone’s nominations, selections, or approvals will be registered (Not even Desslock’s).

All nominations, selections, approvals, etc. must occur within this thread or within a thread that I am clearly aware of being used for that purpose.

{Sees Rywill applauding with tears streaming down his face}

After the nomination process is over, I will form a list of the qualifying nominees (based on the order of precedence outlined above). I will post the entire list of entries (grouped in Heats, see below) Then the competition will begin.

The competition will occur in Poll format, in a series of Heats. Each Heat will have the maximum number of entries that a Poll can support (to the extent it is possible). Each Poll will remain open for exactly 5 days (this time I’ll use the built-in ender). The Top 2 finishers from each Heat will move to the next round. At some point there will be a Final Round to determine the exact rankings for the best finishers.

Entries will be grouped in modified random order. Assuming enough entries exist for at least 5 Heats, no author will exist more than once in any of the Round 1 Heats (that’s what I mean by modified).

So… make your nominations here! Links are required for a nomination to be assured of being entered.



This thread looks to be more mastabatory than the “HELP ME I CAN’T PARSE ACRONYMS THINK OF THE CHILLINS” one.


I nominate THAT one. ;)

Just kidding! Don’t want to waste a nomination.

Can’t we just fondly recall how Met_K’s ‘what the goddamn fucking hell are you shitheads talking about’ post was really great and call it quits?


Brian, no offense but I’d rather masturbate with sandpaper than participate.

You realize that the real objective is to get himself recorded for all time as the Poll King.

You realize that the real objective is to get himself recorded for all time as the Poll King.[/quote]
What a great way to spend your new year’s eve!

Seconded. All opposed…the motion passes.

The competition is over. Tom’s post recalling Met’s post is the weiner.

Who appointed Brian “Keeper of the Crowns”? I missed the memo.