2005, A Decent Year For Simulations

B17 Flying Fortress “The Legend Returns” - Wayward’s B17 2 gets finished

Battle Of Britain “Wings Of Victory” - Dx9 reworking of Rowan’s BOB

Dangerous Waters - Modern Naval Simulation

Jet Thunder - Jet sim covering the Falklands War, does all the proper buzzwords like “dynamic campaign.”

Silent Hunter III - U-Boat warfare in the Atlantic

Steelbeasts 2 - Modern Tank Simulation

Lock On: Modern Air Combat will get an expansion in 2005, Oleg Maddox might get his rendition of The Battle of Britain finished. Course of my list only Silent Hunter is backed with a major publisher (Ubi) and they are getting out of the rivet counting business. Further the first two titles are rereleases but I do think we’ve found a survivable niche.

Yeah, the Sims will probably have a pretty good year. There’s the officially announced expansion pack for the University thing, and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one more expansion out in the third/fourth quarter. The original should still sell pretty well, too.

Er, what? [size=1]Nevermind.[/size]

Seriously, though, the Dangerous Waters title is definitely on my Interested list. The flight sims, not so much, but it’s good there’s still enough to shake a stick at the inaccurate-rivet-counts of.

Bother, I’ll go back and dolt proof the title :wink:

Very true, IL, probably the best year for sims in a while. I hope at least one of them does very well, because history has shown it takes only one or two high-selling simulation products to start a resurgence in the genre, as Apache did in the mid 90’s.

I can’t wait to see the first screenies from the revamped B17II and Rowan’s BoB.

Silent Hunter 3 looks absolutely delicious and Dangerous Waters will come packaged with a 500 page printed manual!

The sensation of speed in this vid from Jet Thunder is fantastic. So are they shooting for a '05 release for this sim?

Yes good to see the simulation business is still motoring along - but very low key.

Niche direct sales are the way to go.

Shockwave Products is going to become the Battlefront of the sim community. They’ve shown that they can trick out mediocre sims with Firepower!, and scoring BoB (along with all of the BDG developers) was a coup. And B-17 II with multiplayer next year…


The simulation market would benefit hugely by following the first person shooter model; a couple of development houses whose primary focus is building and licensing engines. Third parties would then license those engines and add their own content. Amortizing the time and resource expensive R&D required to develop the underlying engine over a number of titles should help open the market.

Apparently, the X Plane engine has been licensed for the development of a new F-16 sim by the same people who were behind licensing and developing Falcon 4.0, so we’ll see.

The FPS community/developers have embraced this model 100%. Also the MS Flight Simulator engine is a good example of reusable code.

The sensation of speed in this vid from Jet Thunder is fantastic. So are they shooting for a '05 release for this sim?

We hope at least entering Beta in '05. Problem is the campaign, it fees like we’re building two products in the end, a modular campaign system and the Flight Sim itself. Campaign work is top priority for early 2005.