2005: Will you declare the Gamecube dead this year?

We haven’t had a good knockdown fanboy-driven argument in days, and frankly the Steam/Valve thing never felt as much fun as the console fight fests.


While there are still some big titles slated for upcoming release on the Nintendo Gamecube, do you foresee yourself proclaiming the system dead (or dying) in 2005?

It was stillborn.

Half a dozen memory cards for a season of Madden for chrissake.

The Cube and the Xbox are about tied for playing time in our house. The PS2 is mostly a DVD player, and I play GTA:SA after the kids are in bed.

The Gamecube will not die unless every Gamecube game in existence suddenly vanishes. Even once we reach the point where there will never be another GC game released, it’s still not dead as long as people play it.

See? It’s fine! It’s sitting there next to my Dreamcast and N64, both of which are also very much alive.

Resident Evil 4 and Zelda guarantee some Cube playtime in 2005. Add in the fact that I already own but have yet to play through Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, and Metroid Prime 2 and I don’t see my Cube gathering any dust.

He’s not dead Jimmy. He’s alive as long as we remember him. We keep him alive in our hearts.

The next Zelda is pretty much what keeps my 'Cube alive at this point. I figure that’ll be done with by July so after that my 'Cube is basically a toaster oven that bakes nostalgia.

Gamecube is DOMED!


I think I’ve finally tired of the sentiment that the Gamecube is dead or dying.

See, Nintendo makes games. Nintendo makes GC games. People like those games, and they buy them. As a result, Nintendo makes money, and they stay in business. So, they make more games, and the cycle begins anew.

(I’ve even heard they’re profitable! but I don’t know if that’s true, and I don’t care.)

At this point, it looks like Nintendo will continue to be no competition for MS or Sony in console land. They may even loose their status in handheld world. But who cares. The Gamecube is as alive as it needs to be, and many people (including myself) think it’s a great console.

So what do you mean by dead? Nintendo is no competition for Sony or MS, so if 3rd place = death, then Nintendo has pretty much given up the ghost. Don’t ask me about sales/finances, I’m too lazy to look them up, but, if sales are the key, then I’ve heard that Nintendo’s doing ok. As far as titles are concerned, Nintendo’s in last place again (in terms of quantity per year). Really, I guess the only thing that keeps the cube alive for me is quality. I enjoy the games it has on it or has had on it, and there are a few really nifty upcoming ones.

Dead as in 3rd party developers don’t seem all that interested in supporting the platform. Dead as in little in the way of new hype for upcoming titles outside of GCN specific media. Dead as in interest or talk about the platform within the overall gaming community waning. Dead as many people haven’t touched their system in months. Dead as in people ask “they still make that?” when you talk about it.

But then, there are still nutballs who insist the Amiga isn’t dead … ;)

Eh, I see alot of life left in the Gamecube, its my favorite console. Whereas PS2 and X-Box just remind me of rows of G-Units lined up to buy NFL Street 24 or Grand Theft Auto 16, I can just sit back and enjoy absolutely charming games like Paper Mario 2 and Zelda…I love Nintendo… always have.

As near as I can tell the biggest market for the Gamecube is kids like my daughter (5) and associated family gaming. None of the other platforms does a good job on that segment, so no, it won’t die in 2005.

Well, Metroid Prime 2 is/was pretty good recently. I’m only about an hour into it, but this is due to the quality of World of Warcraft, not the quality of MP2. Oh, and my mother bought one recently for when her grandkids come over. Other than that, though - eh. Zelda: TWW was pretty horrible, why would I buy a new one?

People in the community generally don’t talk about “the platform” once it’s out. They talk about the games on it. And I’d say that the the new Zelda game alone will keep the little purple purse alive for a while yet.

Because Wind Waker was a horrible, horrible aberration and I’m assuming they wouldn’t be stupid enough to make half the playtime that boring ever again.

Is my sarcasm detector on the fritz or are you guys serious? I thought Wind Waker was brilliant and loved every second of it.

Because Wind Waker was a horrible, horrible aberration and I’m assuming they wouldn’t be stupid enough to make half the playtime that boring ever again.[/quote]

Are you guys serious? Wind Waker was awsome!

All the consoles are doomed–I haven’t touched any of mine in months.


When has that ever really not been the case about Nintendo machines. Fans of the company own their machines because of their games. 3rd party stuff has always been in a distant second place.