2005's Best Game-related Journalism

Navel gazing time! Today, a bunch of game journalism-related stuff has cropped up in my RSS reader. To that end,I just wanted to see what people read during the past year that sucked them in, moved them, stirred their spirits, and generally left an impression on them. Last year saw gems like “Bow, Nigger” and the creation of a lot of great blogs.

Anyone see anything from the past year that they’d like to praise?

My favorite is a Kotaku article about Steam locking out people who had gotten a retail box (some re-packaging of HL2, I think it was to go along with Day of Defeat’s release) early because a retailer had broken street date. Not only did he keep calling it “Stream”, he described “Stream” for the uninitiated only as being “like Xbox Live” and furthermore by the time the article was posted on Kotaku, the street date had come and people weren’t having the problem anymore.

Don’t know where to start in praising The Escapist, but it’s probably the best new website/blog/magazine/whatever it is of 2005.

Oh, geez. Here we go again. I imagine Chet will be along any second now…

“Bow, Nigger” is only a year old?

The Escapist gets my vote. Put in some reviews without any score (oh no!) and a few more tidbits and I’d but a lifetime subscription in print form.

I’m pretty sure people only praise “Bow, Nigger” because mentioning it is the only time you can write “Nigger” and get away with it.

Please start somewhere, because I really don’t get it.

You should probably only buy 6 months at a time, that’s how long it would survive if they went to print. That’s not my personal bias - just the reality of publishing.

3 headlines from a random issue:

Women in Games

Women Monsters and Monstrous Women - Representing the Feminine in Survival Horror

OMG Girlz Don’t Exist on teh Intarweb!!!1

It’s allover the place and only survives because Themis funds it - I’d love to know how many readers they have. I stopped clicking by around “issue” 3-4 and was surprised to see, that they were still doing it. Under the radar for sure.

“Bow, Nigger” is at least two years old. I think it was published in the UK in late 2003 but didn’t get its Internet fame until 2004. Kieron can easily correct me on this.

I’m a big fan of The Escapist. Each issue has a theme, the writing is usually pretty good and they let Chris Crawford rave like a lunatic about evolutionary biology and make an ass of himself. What’s not to like?

Matt’s just jealous of Kotaku because it won a Spike TV Award. It’s more of an honor not to be nominated.


My vote goes to Matt Gallant for his unbiased coverage of Kotaku’s gaffes. He should start a blog.

I would subscribe to that blog’s RSS feed in an instant.

Raph Koster finally got on the blog bandwagon this year. It’s really good if you’re into the whole MMO theory thing. http://www.raphkoster.com/

Did Game Politics start this year? Whenever it did, if you’re not reading it you probably should, it’s the best daily wrap up of political/gaming collision detection issues. http://www.livejournal.com/users/gamepolitics/

Escapist is good too, but it reads too much like a print magazine to qualify as online journalism for me.

Yeah, Gamepolitics does it right. And it’s on Livejournal for God’s sake. Mostly news clips, but it covers its niche better than any blog or news site out there. Jack Thompson even posts there from time to time.

Can we put CGW’s blue on black pages in the minus column? Love the magazine, but a few of this year’s issues gave me headaches.


Post-firing gossip aside, Matt’s actual Kotaku stuff was excellent. Anything Bruce Geryk writes is great - especially considering he’s usually discussing games I couldn’t care less about. Kelly Wand is good. Ummm… I’m forgetting some other people, I’m sure.

The Escapist is pretty cool but the articles are too long. I hate to read anything of length online. Also, too often they have a colored background which makes the lengthy articles even harder to read.

I still value someone like Blue at Blue’s News. He does a good job of being comprehensive and concise while still injecting a little personality into the news. He gets a lot of points taken off for talking about his dog so much though.