2012 IGF Pirate Kart

No thread about this yet ?

RPS says it’s awesome, and the buzz on Twitter has been pretty strong. And rightly so.

The kart is a compilation of 300+ indie micro games launched by Mike Meyer and friends. The kart started as a way to enter the IGF awards for hobbyist game designers, but it sort of became an event in itself.

That’s 1.4 GB of data, and a nice menu to sort them out ! Some of them are downright terrible, not even games. Some are pretty fun for a few seconds. Some are rather good, or even excellent. Don’t expect highly polished finished products, though, most of the titles are experimental in nature, rough on the edges, sometimes gross.

A few highlights are Terry Cavanagh’s (the excellent VVVVVV) games like Graveyard, Graveyard Revolution, Bento Smile’s absurd action RPG Quest, Mike Meyer’s devilish platformer 1,2,3

But it’s just great to try a game at random, wonder what the heck is going on, try to understand it or just move along… It feels like some sort of twisted indie Wario Ware.

the giant list of games in one reminds me of those big old apple iie floppies that had a hundred random games on them.

Yes, they were inspired by the pirate carts (100-Games-In-One, full of dire clones or just plain broken games) from the eighties. The form factor is the best thing : I wouldn’t have tried those games if I had to manually download them one by one, but the whole package makes it easy to try a lot of things. If that doesn’t stick, I 've only lost a few seconds.

NES’s 25-, 50- and 100-games combo cartridges.

But those were actual games.

Dang, another 3 weeks, and my game might be in there. As it is, we’re still putting some finishing touches on it before submitting it for IGF 2012.

More, once we get stuff up and running.

I’m guessing some of the featured games, such as Find Shit, MOTORCYCLE COCK and Fucking Run!!! are going to be in the “not even games” category.

Find Shit is a shitty satire of hidden object games.

Motorcycle Cock is terribad.

Adam Saltsman’s Grave Robber is pretty interesting though : Tomb Raider + Rick Dangerous + Dungeon Keeper + a typing game.