2012 Olympics to take place on top of ancient Viking burial ground


Fuck yeah, ghost vikings ruining the games!

I better bone up for the skull put tryouts.

They must have lost their events at some previous Olympics held there. Vikings were pretty serious dudes.

Zombie Olympians are going to be much tougher to kill.

I may actually watch some events on TV if this is the case. I can imagine the javelin throw will favour the zombie viking contingent somewhat, as they’re probably used to spearing cybersharks and aliens from a distance.

Cool. There was a lot of Viking occupation and battles between the Danes and the Saxons in and around the area that it now London during the time of both Alfred the Great and his son Edward. Alfred originally took London back from the Danes, and his son fought to take back and unite much of England from them in the years after Alfred’s death. Sounds like these guys might have been part of the occupational forces.

Sounds like a SyFy Original Movie in the making : “Ghost Games : Cold Metal”

The zombie vikings will only do well in the javelin toss if they put up archery targets. Throwing for distance isn’t a viking skill. Putting a javelin through the chest of a foe at 30 paces is.

You can’t bring a battle axe to a fencing match!

Of course, who’s going to argue that point with Lars the Rather Quite Unpleasant (and Undead)?

Olympics 2012: RAGNAROK!

Coming this summer to the SyFy! I can see the pitch now. “it’s like a cross between Munich and Pathfinder! Lorenzo Lamas is attached to play the male lead.”

Excellent point. Perhaps the officials will be prompted to stand on the range rather than to the side this time?

Technoviking will protect them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZvRpynjFwM&feature=related