2014 Game of the Year - According to the Internet

(I swear we had a thread like this for past years, and I wanted to follow its format, but I did a search and couldn’t come up with it, so sorry if I’m making anyone twitch with the year-to-year inconsistency.)

This is a thread for any best-of lists for 2014 you find around the web. I will start with an unusual one, perhaps:

Polygon’s The Besties podcast does a Sweet Sixteen elimination bracket. It’s four hours long. This is probably the last episode of this podcast, which I really enjoyed this year, because a couple members left Polygon. Features two of the three McElroys from My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

UPDATE: Just finished listening and their final match-up was Dark Souls 2 vs. Hearthstone. Dark Souls just squeaked it out, thanks to the appearance of a running-joke imaginary giraffe tie-breaker.

Rock Paper Shotgun did their version for PC games , calling it the Bestest Best of 2014 awards. Endless Legend won GOTY.

Angry Joe’s top 10 of 2014

As well it should.

Gamasutra’s List (not ranked):

80 Days
1001 Spikes
Banner Saga
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Desert Golfing
Divinity: Original Sin
Fantasy Life
Gang Beasts
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
The Long Dark
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Samurai Gunn
Shovel Knight
Towerfall: Ascension
This War of Mine

They also have personal top lists from each of the editors and major contributors.

To me Xenonauts won with ease

I didn’t even know Xenonauts was out. Did it turn out to be the Xcom successor people were praying for all these years? Was it close to a remake of the original or its own new thing?

It’s an absolutely fantastic re-imagining of the originals. If you liked the old games, you will adore Xenonauts.

Not really. For me Xenonauts fails to recapture the magic of the original. OpenXcom is more what I was hoping for in an X-Com update.

I am surprised to see RUST mentioned, didn’t they change their game engine and pretty much start over ?

Now I want to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to see what the buzz is all about. For research purpose of course. Yeah…

Yes, that’s a puzzling entry on the list. RUST, even when it was stable, was a barebones sandbox survival game.

The Long Dark is another odd one on their list. It’s got great art style, but there’s really nothing to do in that game right now, but scavenge for food and dodge wolves. There are no higher-level goals to set for yourself like building shelter or crafting anything beyond a fire to keep warm.

They explain both picks a bit in the list, and it sounds like both have similar rationales: the harshness of a sandbox experience without direction or content, just a world and simple, unforgiving systems. I haven’t played either, so I’m not sure these are laudable qualities or not.

I read the article, but I’m not sure why they would include two games that are unfinished and have such woefully little to actually do. The Long Dark is lacking beyond the first few stages of getting clothes, food, and taking over a house. There really isn’t anything beyond that until the devs add more content like the promised story mode or later goals. RUST is just broken. Facepunch is scrapping pretty much everything and starting over. What is there now is very slow deathmatch with some light crafting and building.

Either way, there are much better examples of the sandbox survival genre if you’re going to grab early access games.

Rob Zacny’s GotY 2014 is … Ultimate General Gettysburg!

Now go vote for it on the upcoming Steam community choice. :)

PC Gamer’s list:

Game of the Year 2014: Alien Isolation
Best Singleplayer: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Spirit of the PC: Divinity: Original Sin
Commendation for Design: Endless Legend
Best Multiplayer: Towerfall Ascension
Most Original: Jazzpunk
Cultural Phenomenon: Hearthstone

The artsy-pantses at Kill Screen have made their top 25 “most essential” games of 2014: Part 1, Part2, Part 3.

Top 5 are:
5. Wolfenstein
4. Monument Valley
3. P.T.
2. Mountain

  1. Kentucky Route Zero Pt 3

There was a game on their list I’d never heard of called NaissanceE that is now on my wishlist.


One Finger Death Punch at #3 :)

I don’t believe any of you about Wolfenstein.

What do you consider when selecting the best game of the year? Is it the game you played the most? Or brought back a great feeling of nostalgia? I would think that on QT3 it would be more about game play than the graphics? Though I could see the art of a game being a big part of a decision.

Is the QT3 forum GotY vote happening this year?