2016 Game Frame Game

New year and new thread.

The game frame game master list.

And CaseyRobinson gets it:

Take it away Casey!

EDIT: much delayed guidelines:

  • Frame posting frequency - no hard and fast rule, but try to balance between letting the thread die and leaving enough time between frames for plenty of folk on the forum to get a chance to have a look. For example the Movie Frame Game typically posts a new frame every 18-24 hours or so.

  • Guessing limits - One guess per frame.

  • Franchise guesses - No guessing a complete franchise (ie ‘Assassin’s Creed’), you must identify the specific title. That said, this one is probably best left to the discretion of the current frame poster. They may decide to take a close enough is good enough guess if we are getting deep into a given frame round.

To answer Otagan’s question: Battle 9, mission 2 or 3

Alas, I could not win with style.

I’m 0/2 in games I wanted to take screenshots of, I’m just getting vast expanses of black. Maybe if I disable the 2nd monitor…

Some games don’t take external screenshots well. Try using the Snipping tool and playing in Windowed mode, if you can, or Google around to find out if said game(s) have a built-in screenshot button. If it’s a Steam game, you can use F12 to take a screenshot.

I see the bugs have been worked out.

I believe we have some cloud experts in the house, perhaps they can tell what game this is from:



Chemtrails Retro.

My first thought, but ultimately wrong color.

Unless there is a non sepia toned level. Haven’t played it myself.

It is indeed Luftrausers. I tried to be trixy with one of the alternate palettes, but not trixy enough.

Oh crap, can someone take my spot? I’m transitioning computers, I don’t even have any games installed to take screen shots of. I was so excited to know the answer I did not take into account the implications of winning.

Recommendation: Steam community pages for games are my go to source of screenshots. There are a million of them so you can find one you like. You’ll still need Paint.NET or something though to cut pieces. Well, maybe plain ol’ Paint will do.

Spoiler: I use regular old Paint for mine.

Operation Darkness…

Nice! Did you play it? I wanted to like it so much but it just didn’t click for me.

Nah, I always wanted to (I really like srpgs and I’m into trying those with unusual mechanics), but never owned an Xbox. It has quite a distinct look, though.

Will have something up tomorrow (time for my nightly run)!

Another recommendation is using Mobygames screenshots. It’s sort of the IMDb of video games, only less exhaustive (I’ve run into several games that just aren’t on there). There’s also just plain old google image search. For instance, my EQ screenshot was found by googling “everquest screenshot” without the quotes (actually I think it was “old everquest hud screenshot” but nevermind that).