2016 Game Frame Game

Xenoblade Chronicles?

Gendal is correct. This is Folklore for PS3.

This is a very pretty game, as you can see. The game mechanics is a 3rd person action game where you arm yourself with a variety of celtic mythological beings. The beings are captured by fighting and weakening the being first, followed by a soul-capture move done by waggling the dualshock3 in specific motions (left-right, up-down, finally a swing over your head, just as if you’re fishing). The image is what happens right after a successful capture.

I will defer to hardcoregaming to explain the rest:

Paging Gendal…

Sorry, last second scramble to come up with something:

Dark souls…

Not Dark Souls - I made sure it’s specifically not on this list:

Guild Wars?


Nope and Nope.

Monster Hunter 4, or whatever the DS version was.

Hey, good guess!

Not Monster Hunter!

So not that good of a guess then ;)


Turok, because why not.

Jedi Knight? We already did Jedi Knight, right?

Dang, I feel like I should know this…


Oh, I know this one! King’s Field! (awesome games, all of them)

The one, the original, King’s Field on the PSX. Well done.

You wouldn’t think it looking at this screenshot, or really any screen shots of that game, but I found it wildly immersive for its time. So did the many people who wandered through my living room while I played, though that may have been the novelty of playable 3D graphics on a TV screen for the time.

If you haven’t played through the entire series, you should at the very least try to get your hands on Kings Field 4 - Ancient City. Amazing installment in the series, and I routinely listen to the soundtrack. Fantastic music.

And for those that don’t know, the King’s Field series was by From Software… it was Dark Souls before Dark Souls (and Demon’s Souls) existed, and the inspiration for those series is obvious in these games. There are even Kings Field Easter eggs here and there in the Souls games and Bloodborne.

(I will put up my screenshot momentarily.)