2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


I thought this would be a good time to discuss any black friday deals, or cyber monday deals that are worth talking about, whether games or hardware or something else all us gamers need.


PS4 for 199.99 pretty much everywhere. I just can’t decide if I want that or a Pro.

taken from bfads


XBL dealios.


Looking for a fun throw back? Windows 10 phone on sale at Microsoft on black Friday.


I’m on my way. In that Xbox Live sale, I already bought Wolfenstein II, the deluxe edition for $40. I figured the extra $10 was worth it for the DLC, since the game has so much positive word of mouth here at Qt3.

Other deals I’m tempted by:

Dishonored Definitive edition $10 - I own the first Dishonored, but not the DLC, so if I do play it, I think I’d want the definitive edition.
Dishonored everything pack $32 - It has the above, plus Dishonored 2, plus the new standalone that just came out.
Prey $20 - @krayzkrok keeps calling this System Shock 3, so it’s very tempting, cos I loved SS2.
Agents of Mayhem $20 - I like Volition a lot, and I like the idea of a 3rd person open world Diablo 3 type game.
Mafia III $16 - An open world 1968 New Orleans with period music from the time sounds really appealing. Maybe $24 for the deluxe pack with the DLC?
Recore $15 - I liked the demo back when this came out.
Rock Band 4 Rivals bundle $30 - Rock Band on a new generation of consoles? So tempting.
Virginia $4 - There was some talk about this game in the bargain thread. Sounded nice.


You know, every year I hope that the digital deals will be as good as the physical-in-store deals around Black Friday, and they never are. I think it’s very cool that THQ Nordic and Bethesda are both doing digital sales this year that match the physical disc prices. I hope that does really well for them, and I hope they shout about it at the hilltops afterwards so that other publishers like Ubisoft and Activision realize that maybe they should do the same next year.


Picked up Caverna for $52 ($22 after some Discover cashback) on Amazon. Been wanting that for a while now so I’m happy to have snagged a copy on the cheap. :)

Not sure there is anything I want for video games at the moment, but I’m looking forward to seeing what pops up on PSN for Black Friday. I’m sure I’ll check out Miniature Market and Cool Stuff as well, but the only other boardgame I am wanting these days is Shadespire and I’m quite sure that won’t be on sale.


$20 is a steal for that game. If you love SS2 then you’ll similarly love Prey, I think. Whether intentional or not, it feels like someone said “Let’s do an imaginary sequel to SS2 but using a different IP”. It does have some cool ideas and gameplay mechanics of its own though. When the GOTY vote comes around you can bet this will be on my shortlist.

I’m playing the PC version, no idea what the XBox version is like.


Crap, I thought Microsoft had quit selling Windows Phones completely? I now regret getting an Android phone to replace my old Lumia.


mafia3 is good. the music, the styling… some of the writing and scenesetting. i loved it.


Really? I would like to know why. The phone is tempting, because it’s pretty much got great hardware, but without support, windows 10 mobile is dead in the water.


Fanatec, maker of racing sim peripherals, posted their Black Friday deals:

I’ve been looking to replace my old Logitech Momo wheel, so I’m intending to jump on that CSL Elite bundle deal.

The new wheel is supposed to be the direct-drive wheel that Fanatec announced some time ago. No price mentioned yet I think, but I suspect it’ll be like the old Rolls Royce maxim: if you have to ask then you can’t afford it. My bad, I forgot the way Fanatec products work. The new wheel is in fact just that, a wheel. It does not include the hub or pedals. Based on a McLaren GT3, FWIW.


I just find Android more confusing since you can swipe in more directions on the home screen, and Android apps don’t always have “tooltips” (not sure what the correct term is) like WP has. And the live tiles of WP are really nice!

WP has fewer apps though. I especially miss the streaming app from my cable provider which does not exist on WP. Also, CBS All Access doesn’t have a WP app I think, so no Star Trek Discovery. You’ll encounter a lot of missing apps on WP.


I can those apps would be a problem. I think I will hold off on a Windows Phone until they get a full version of it working on it.

It’s too bad, but I guess it wouldn’t be such a low price if it were more popular, or if they continued to support mobile.


Just picked up Forza 7 on Xbone for £30 from Amazon.


Gamefly’s Black Friday sale is live, and there’s some great stuff in there.


Tempting to me:
Prey $13, Sniper Elite 4 $13, Watch Dogs 2 $10, For Honor $10, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition $10, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare $15, Mafia 3 $10 The Surge $15, Sniper Elite 3 $10


I highly recommend following Wario64’s Twitter and the CAG Twitter for good deals.




Thanks @DaveLong


So if I should pick one of the PS-store Black Friday deals that interest me, which one should I choose?

Call Of Duty: WWII
Destiny 2
Wolfenstein II
Sniper Elite 4
Persona 5

(never mind the cost, just by recommendation. )


That’s four fairly hard core shooters, at least two of which have very heavy multiplayer components. Need more data. Do you enjoy Anime style long-form JRPGs? Are you interested in multiplayer shooters?