2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


That doesn’t advertise as having Power Delivery, without which the Switch will charge pretty slowly (like, too slow to maintain a charge if you’re playing at the same time). Anker makes a PD model, which I have. It’s great.


OK, that’s interesting. I did not know there was a “Power Delivery” feature to batteries. Is that something typically advertised? How do you know if it’s not explicitly stated? What’s the difference?


I’d second (third? fourth?) the recommendation for Persona 4/5. I could never get into any of the other highly touted JRPGs (FFs, Xenoblades, etc.) but I love the Persona series. Start with 4 if you can, because it’s worth playing and it might be hard to go back after 5’s graphical and QoL improvements. They’re both RPGs with good stories, likeable characters with heavy emphasis on the kind of camaraderie that you get in ME3’s Citadel DLC.


It’s a USB C thing. Basically the same idea as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge for USB A, but built into the spec. My only USB C device is the Switch, so I don’t know about others, but one of the gaming sites pointed out that non-PD chargers won’t sustain a charge on the Switch while it’s powered on. I’d assume that if it’s not explicitly stated, it’s not PD. After all, why wouldn’t you advertise it?


Oh wait, Final Fantasy XV is on sale as well. What happens if I throw that in there? FFXV or Persona 5?

This was hard. :)


From the bargain thread:

Looks like I might have been wrong. Prices on the sale are up, and I already found that the Uncharted collection is on sale for $8. Woohoo! That’s under $14!

I should look up the prices for the rest of my list too before I pull the trigger. This sale is really hard to navigate on their website though, it’s just pages and pages of stuff, 9 games at a time.


Persona 5. (I didn’t play Wolfenstein or Call of Duty)

Persona 5.

;) I’d wait for the PC version of FFXV.


I’d go with Persona 5 over Final Fantasy XV too, although that game is worth looking at later.


I blew it on Sniper Elite 4. Waited too long to buy it off Gamefly, they seem sold out. Anyplace else I can find it cheap for PS4?


$20 on Black Friday at Gamestop.


Not as good a deal as Gamefly but it’ll have to do! Thanks, Dave!


Was that as puzzle heavy as the sequel by Bioware? MDK 2 really humbled me by having puzzles where I didn’t even make 10 minutes worth of progress in the game. And when you have 10 enemies, and a toaster and something to combine it with that can kill 4 enemies, how do you kill the other 6 enemies?


It’s a different game from the sequel. It’s a lot more focused and straightforward.


MDK is one of my favourite games of all time.


Friends don’t let friends buy ff 15. We’re talking about a ff so bad it makes 13 look like the goty. Just don’t do it.


Here’s the charger I got earlier this year for my Switch:

It was $30 when I bought it, and $24 now is a complete steal:

  • Two ordinary USB A charging ports
  • Very high capacity for the size and weight - it’s super compact compared to other comparable chargers I’ve used
  • Both ports charge at a fast rate (3A total)
  • Voltage and amperage is strong enough to charge a Switch pretty fast, and maintain a Switch at the same battery life (if not charge slowly) while playing Mario / Zelda at medium/high brightness

All you need is a USB A to USB C cable, which you can get pretty cheap. Here’s the one I bought which works perfectly:


So it looks like some of the stores (like B&H Photo and Kohls) are selling an older version of the PS4 for $199. It looks like they are the CUH-1000 series. Amazon seems to be selling the newer one, the CUH-2000 series. From this page, it doesn’t look like there is much difference.

The newer model uses 28% less power, is about an inch smaller in 2 dimensions, but doesn’t have an optical out port - just an HDMI. The lack of optical out doesn’t matter too much to me.

Is there any reason that I don’t see where I should favor 1 version over the other? My wife would like the $60 in Kohl’s cash if I get the older model there. Otherwise, Amazon sells the newer model.


CUH-2115B - Target


I personally think the launch unit I have (CUH-1000 series, I suppose) is better looking than the Slim version. It’s less cheap-looking with it’s plastic. And like you said, it’s got the optical out, so when I take it to my parent’s place on occasions like Thanksgiving, I can hook it up to the amp using a toslink cable.


They’re all reliable. You really can’t go wrong.