2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


You’re complaining to Amazon because of a courier problem? People do that?


Well I was upset about my dinner party.


Don’t wait till the last minute to order essential items for dinner parties when all you’re given is a delivery estimate, especially during the holidays. I don’t consider Amazon to be at blame here for your dinner party.

If the party was that important you could have just shopped local.


What a helpful post coming from someone who sticks an Amazon logo on his avatar! Way to throw a wet blanket on a relatively feel-good post about a customer support situation. Can you forumsplain to me how to throw a dinner party, too?



The Amazon logo shows my support for you, not them. I’m not signed up with Patreon.


If you’re paying them $100 a year for the promise of 2 day shipping, it’s perfectly reasonable to be upset if you don’t get 2 day shipping. If Amazon wants to say upfront there may be delays or whatnot because of the holiday I’d be fine with that personally, but the expectation is set on their end that I (or Gat in this case) should have my thing in two days.


I just thought it was amusing, I didn’t expect an impromptu lecture lol


Yea, sorry about that. I’ve been dealing with a brother lately who wants to blame everybody else for his ongoing poor planning habits, so I might have overreacted and taken some of that out on you.

By the way, it’s cool they gave you $5, but you should have been given a free month extension on your Amazon Prime instead, as part of their Prime Shipping Gaurantee. That should be worth more than the $5 to you if you order at least once a month.


Gah, now I feel even more like a dick! I always wondered why you had an Amazon logo there. I didn’t know if it was just part of the weird little dude in your avatar.

I just felt bad for Gat reading his story and got rubbed the wrong way when you reprimanded him. I know I’ve been in his situation before where I’m bummed I didn’t get, say, a boardgame in time for us to play it on a given night because I waited too long to order it. We’ve certainly gotten spoiled by Amazon prime. Now pretty much anything you ever want is no more than two days away!



That werid little dude comes from Hearthstone (and posdibly World of Warcraft, but I don’t play that). He is my spirit animal.



This is 100% acceptable.

In the world of Amazon, any courier problems are the fault of the seller (either amazon or 3rd party) because they picked the courier. They will gladly ding 3rd party sellers who do not meet their promised delivery date, so they should (and do) hold themselves to the same standard.

As both a seller and a buyer, my opinion has always been that you’re paying the seller for a service level agreement, NOT UPS. So amazon is telling me the package will arrive in 2 days and if they don’t my problem is with Amazon, not UPS.


I complain every single time I don’t get a package delivered in 2 business days, and every single time Amazon gives me a $5-$10 credit. I pay for Prime and they didn’t hold up to their side of the bargain.


Yeah, I need to start complaining more when they fail, especially with release day delivery. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is supposed to be here in two days and they’ve failed on the last two games I pre-ordered.


Complain about those two games. Even if they’re months back. Get your ten bucks.


I ordered Super Mario Odyssey a couple weeks ago and the screen said “same day delivery if ordered before X time” and I was told that I’d get the game by 8pm in my order confirmation mail. Around 6pm, they emailed that there was some sort of delay without a further explanation.

Emailed them yesterday about it, and they extended my Prime by a month.


I never complain about anything, I need @stusser as my complaint representative.


I complain to Amazon anytime I order something that gave me a date and they didn’t make it AND I actually care. Complaining to the UPS, FedEx and dear god the USPS is useless. Amazon usually takes care of it.

I will say starting this year… Target is beating Amazon. They have been giving me 2-3 days, and I don’t pay them anything for expedited shipping. I’ve been very impressed. Macy’s… dear god can they get any slower?


I’m lucky enough to live in a regional hub, so I often get my Amazon orders within 4-6 hours, which is just wild. Even before I subscribed to Prime (which isn’t as good a deal if you’re not in the US, especially before we had streaming services), things usually arrived next day or day after.


My sister has this, and it’s no surprise because there is a warehouse right there… they just pump it out. My wallet would have serious concerns if I got same delivery from anyone. I keep getting offers for grocery deliveries as it is, and as soon as I put in my zip code they tell me tough luck… those jerks.

Some of my BF deals… still waiting for delivery.


I actually feel guilty for using it for trivial orders, such as the one I just placed for shoe laces, lol. Or cleaning products, etc. But not guilty enough that I don’t do it periodically - I guess it’s a service I’m paying for, but I feel a little uncomfortable with the allocated resources, including just having my building concierge have to deal with deliveries, so I try to accumulate a list of things before ordering.

Re: Black Friday/Cybermonday “week” deals – Xbox Elite controllers $40 off at Dell.