2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


This is the single best article on the subject, ever, and is an absolute must read if you care about cooking fries. I was gonna post the link but Discourse helpfully let me know someone had already posted it upstream.




Wow, those fries have worked out.
Ours are much larger, usually.

not mine


I believe those are called wedges, no?


I concur, they do seem to be wedges in that photo.


Red Robin calls theirs fries and they look like that. Wedges are a little… different.


No matter what you call them, they’ll kill you dead.

Do you want fries with that? A new study provides a good reason to say “no,” after finding that eating two to three portions of fried potatoes every week could raise the risk of early death by twofold.

Better to bake them if love them (like I do) and can’t do without.


I think you’ll find those are chips, in the British sense


I’m not saying that’s wrong, it might not be, but my first response looking at that article is that if you’re eating french fries on a regular basis your diet might have some other problems as well and I’d be real hesitant to say that it’s specifically the fried potatoes that are the problem.


Air frying isn’t really frying, so there’s very little absorbed oil. To compensate for that they don’t get crispy everywhere and are limp sagging bundles of sloppy grainy starch that taste like spoiled sadness in your mouth, like tongue-kissing a homeless man.

As for health, the general consensus this week is you’re best off minimizing carbs entirely, and particularly sugar and white carbs (which includes potatoes, white flour, etc). Fat isn’t particularly bad for you this week, beyond its high caloric density of course.


Man I thought I had a thread derailing problem.


Edit: Also, TIL steak fries can be called wedges interchangeably.


Point of order, wedges can always be called steak fries but the reverse is not true as they are not always wedge-shaped.

Steak fries. Note the parallel surfaces. These are not wedges, where one end is broad then tapers to a fine edge. Instead the two large surfaces are parallel for their entire length. They were created by slicing a halved potato lengthwise.


Now see wedges. Clear difference. They were created by taking wedges out of a potato.





Someone was wrong on the internet. It was my duty.


I blame the recipe site I went to which described steak fries as “wedges of potatoes” baked or fried. I decided that since nothing means what it used to anymore that wedges didn’t have to taper. Meh.


You should write them a strongly worded corrective letter.


I could just screenshot your reply! :)


Look like jo-jos to me




And proud of it, thankyouverymuch.