2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning




That is both the best and worst description of eating anything I’ve ever seen.


I was hungry for fries today, then I wasn’t thanks to @stusser.


I kind of want to ask him about the homeless man.


Are you sure you want to ask about that? Are you sure?


If he will kiss and tell, why not ;-)? That sounds way more interesting than sloppy french fries. Just think, every time @stusser eats a sad french fry, he has a very specific memory that is triggered.


brb washing my brain


Stusser was the homeless man.

Hashtag mnightshyamalan hashtag twist.


Well, my cheap Xbox 360 is here, and I’ve learned I can’t play Xbox classic downloads unless I have an Official Microsoft Xbox Live Hard Drive.

Who knew consoles were so fucking complicated?

I may just return it and buy an Xbox One, then hope for Ninja Gaiden II backwards compatibility. Not sure yet.

Should’ve just gotten an air fryer…




Xboxes are still a thing?



^ Xboxen


:) 345


What does that mean exactly? The XBox you got has a different hard drive or you need to actually buy an additional hard drive.

I am asking out of curiosity as my daughter still uses the xbox and has the original drive with an added hard drive.


It’s the 4GB version. I have a flash thumb drive I could install games to, but you need an official Microsoft hard drive if you want to emulate Xbox games.

I decided I’ll just play the hell out of Ninja Gaiden 2 and see what happens with backwards compatibility over the next 6 months.


Thank you. The guilt is more towards my doormen, etc., who seem to spend a lot of their day sorting through packages of residents rather than anything else. But I guess that isn’t really my fault, as the delivery people could just buzz me instead since I am home.


Hmmm… what happens if you drill tiny holes in an Air Fryer? ;)


Better performance all around?


So I made some fries for my kid, using air-fryer’d take on the seriouseats link… I boiled the fries with salt and vinegar, froze the fries… sprayed with coconut oil (my son is allergic to peanuts so just being careful), and put in the airfryer for about 20 mins… turned out pretty good, my kid liked it… surely not as good as frying in peanut oil, etc, but thumbs up…

I’m going to try breaded chicken strips this weekend.