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I’m not a multiplayer-gamer (yet, other than Borderlands 2), so the choice would have to be based on the single player mode.
Haven’t tried any JRPG’s yet, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Persona 5, so I’ve been curious.
Sniper Elite interests me since being a sniper is my favourite part of all shooters.

Other than that, the kinds of games I love are The Witcher, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Dragon Age, Diablo III, Assassins Creed and I’ve enjoyed a lot of the other COD campaigns.
So yeah, the story is probably the most important part =)


Based on that, I’d say maybe Sniper Elite 4, though it’s not meaningfully story driven. Wolfenstein 2 will have the strongest story out of the shooters you list, but possibly the weakest shooting and zero sniping.

If you’re anything like me, I’d be very wary of jumping into Persona 5 as your first JRPG. Maybe try something like Bravely Default first.


I’ve only played Wolfenstein 2 because other that Sniper 4 they aren’t my thing - but I can whole heartedly recommend Wolfy as a great story driven shooter. With the caveat that you need to like some zany stuff in your story. I loved it.


Don’t do that, Bravely Default will put her off JRPGs…it’s a snoozefest. It may be worth checking out, but only if you’re already a fan of the genre.

She would do better to start with Final Fantasy IV or VI. Was Persona 5 that difficult or complicated? Persona 4 is a good place to start, being heavily story-driven.


Personally, as I’ve discussed in the relevant threads, I find the Persona series to be massively overwhelming in terms of analysis paralysis. You want to min-max the relationships and other systems, but don’t have enough information to do so unless you do a lot of research outside the game.

Bravely Default was recommended as it’s an archetypal JRPG but lets you have as much or as little of the bullshit side of that genre as you like. I’ll grant, the story is rubbish. If story is all important, by all means go with Persona.


Wolfenstein II from that list for sure. I’m playing through it now, it is excellent.

Also, if you want a good introduction to JRPGs, might I suggest my own first JRPG: Final Fantasy X. They just released a remaster on PS4 a couple of years ago. Most of the major sales for it were last year at this time when you could get it really cheaply, but maybe it will be on sale again.

After I enjoyed Final Fantasy X so much, I went on the search for more great JRPGs, and played ChronoTrigger, Final Fantasy VI (only got part way through), Final Fantasy XII, and others. But none were as good as FFX.


Based on your listed preferences, I think you should try Persona 5. Call of Duty WWII is pretty good. My son bought it recently. However the longevity of that game will come from multiplayer online and not replaying the campaign.

A lot of people get hung up on the JRPG label and I think, especially for people who have never played one, that you’re better off just playing something that gets that label than listening to others. You may find that it’s right up your alley. The Persona games are all top notch and feature unique settings along with very deep strategy during the fights. There’s a lot for someone who enjoys RPGs to hold onto. The presentation is also slick and stylish.

Destiny 2 was a quick burn at my house and now it’s not getting played much. Wolfenstein II isn’t really on the radar yet. I have not played any of the Sniper Elite games.


Hey, thanks for good input all of you, now I want them all, plus Final Fantasy X. Haha.

I’ve recently discovered that I might like pretty much anything I thought I wouldn’t like, so I can’t really say I won’t enjoy an anime JRPG anymore.

I will probably get all of the mentioned games sooner er later, so the question is which one I should get now. Maybe Sniper 4 is the one that is the most different from the other games I play now.

And from then, there are only a few weeks until 12 days of Christmas sale starts… =D


I haven’t played Sniper Elite 4 yet myself, but I really enjoyed watching Tom play it on his stream:

Skip to about the 18 minute mark to see the meat of the gameplay where Tom is examining this targets before he starts sniping.


This is absolutely true. You probably know for yourself whether you enjoy that feeling, but it can definitely kill the experience for you if you don’t.

My experience with Persona is something like:

  • (0 hours) This time I won’t worry about min-maxing. I won’t 100% the game on the first playthrough anyways.
  • (10 hours) Okay, but I’m clearly leaving some stuff on the table…
  • (15 hours) Spends 3 hours just staring at Fusion screen
  • (30 hours) Ahhhh, fuck it, this is too stressful
  • Don’t play for 6 months
  • (30 hours - end) Oh, actually, it probably doesn’t matter. I’ll just role-play it.


I think recognizing you have that problem is the key to playing something like Persona 5 successfully. Just relax and don’t try to min-max your life away.


Yup. And someday, I’ll be mature enough to actually do that from the beginning :)

But, you know, probably not today. Or tomorrow.


It’s tough. I catch myself doing it too. I’m good at identifying it now, though. I usually just pick something and get out of the screen fast and move on to the next thing.

I mean, if I’m playing Fire Emblem with perma-death (which is the only way to play) then I’m really thinking shit through, but pretty much every other game you can just relax and realize that you won’t back yourself into a big enough hole to ever dig out of it.

It also helped when I wasn’t getting review gigs anymore. I could just enjoy games instead of trying to pick them apart. :)


I picked up Dead Rising 4 on the XBL sale. $16 for the base game, $4 for the season pass. If you buy the “Digital Deluxe Edition” which is the base game plus season pass, it’s $24. So you save $4 buying them separately.

I don’t like how dark DR4 is. The older games were bright and colorful and I could really see the zombie slaying. I’m still in the first day, though, so maybe it’s just night time in the mall.


Amazon is running Prime Only Black Friday Deals


Also, GOG.com Black Friday sale has begun…

Free MDK at that link. A snazzy “shooter” from Shiny Entertainment.


Hmm… I can only get that Amazon link to work if everything after Black-Friday is removed from the URL.




I’d bet that you’re not getting much repeat play out of any of the other listed games either :)

Destiny 2 indeed doesn’t have the longevity that people were probably hoping for. But the main problems of Destiny 2 are in the multiplayer endgame, so they won’t matter to Kristina. The campaign is actually pretty darn good (though after playing through it three times, I’m glad there’s no reason to do a fourth pass).


I played a TON of the last two CoD games on PS4. We’re talking upwards of 100 hours on both if I had to guess, so if I had bought it myself, I’d likely get a ton of repeat play out of that too.

I have Persona 5 but haven’t been able to put any time into it yet. Too much other stuff got in the way!

I would never recommend someone buy Destiny or its sequel for solo play.


Perusing the Amazon link (thanks Dave), this looks like a decent deal for a Switch battery.